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Want to Enjoy a Trip with Your Kids? Bring Your Parents, Too.

Pre-kids, my husband and I traveled a lot, and with our compasses always set toward adventure. We honeymooned in Thailand with only carry-on backpacks. Hiked the Inca Trail and camped along the Amazon in Peru. Explored Costa Rica with no hotel reservations, staying where we pleased along pothole-filled, washed-out roads. And then we had one […]

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Long days, short years ... - Boston Moms Blog

Long Days, Short Years

A collaboration between Boston Moms Blog and Leah LaRiccia Photography. You’ve probably heard the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Well, that pretty much sums up my life right now. As a stay-at-home-mom to three young girls, sometimes the days are very long. (I have pictures here to prove it.) But […]

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Whoa — My Man Is a DAD - Boston Moms Blog

Whoa — My Man Is a DAD

Do you ever just look at your husband as he’s parenting your kids, maybe wiping someone’s bottom or tying a shoelace or something totally dad-like, and say to yourself, “Now how the heck did that happen?!” How did your date-turned-boyfriend-turned-husband suddenly turn into a dad? I always knew Nick would be a great father. When […]

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The Al Fresco Family :: 8 of Boston's Best Kid-Friendly Outdoor Dining Spots - Boston Moms Blog

The Al Fresco Family :: 8 of Boston’s Best Kid-Friendly Outdoor Dining Spots

All this sunshine has us seriously gearing up for some al fresco dining. The patio (or roofdeck, beer garden, etc.) says laid back in a way that a tight, stuffy, indoor space never can. It says steamed mussels, lobster rolls, and Harpoon Summer. It says sandals, sunglasses, and maxi dresses. And yes, it sometimes even […]

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AdventureSeekers Boston :: A Fresh Take on Exploring the City with Kids

As a mom of three, I’ve been to the Museum of Science many, many times. Like, more times than I can count (because, ironically, math and science were never my strong suits). And we love it there. But sometimes it’s nice to put a fresh spin on the routine, which is why I was eager […]

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