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St. Patrick's Day recipes - Boston Moms Blog

Cook This! It’s Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston means beer, shamrocks, the parade in Southie, and wearing all the green you can find. But probably not for moms with young children! We’ll likely be up to our elbows in green glitter, rainbows, and four-leaf clovers made of pretzels. I like to celebrate my holidays in the kitchen, so […]

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overwhelmed mom

Unshaven Legs and Unfolded Laundry

Every mother thinks about “having it all.” The phrase means different things to different moms, but the concept is always there, in each of our heads. It might drive us to take a job outside the home, to keep our house pristine, to coach soccer, to make cupcakes for the bake sale. And it feels awesome […]

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Sam and Annabel Wilson

Mommy Is Chopped Liver!

“Daddy is the best, and Mommy is chopped liver!” Several months ago, I taught my toddler to say this as a joke. At the time, she would alternate between telling my husband he was the best, and then telling me I was the best. One day, my natural response to, “Daddy is the best!” was […]

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closeup of woman breastfeeding

Baring the Boob :: Tips for Dressing While Nursing

Pregnancy presents many challenges, one of which is getting dressed each day. Dressing a growing baby bump isn’t easy. But the wardrobe challenges don’t end when your baby is born. When you’re nursing, getting dressed means your breasts must be accessible any time, day or night. If you’re uncomfortable with “overexposure,” as I am, you’ll likely have to invest […]

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