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What is the biggest benefit of a class at B/Spoke?

 At B/SPOKE, we offer a variety of pay-as-you-go classes with no membership or initiation fees. With more than seven classes scheduled each weekday and four weekend options, we cater to any hectic schedule and lifestyle with the utmost convenience. Not only do you get a great workout of customized sequences paired to high-energy playlists, but instructors push riders to overcome challenges in their life using fitness as a catalyst for introducing confidence and positive changes in their lives.

What do clients need to know before trying a class?

It’s only $15 for first time riders and we make sure all new riders are greeted by a member of our staff who will provide a tour of the studio as well as make sure they are set up with their bikes. Each class provides complimentary shoe rental, towels and heart monitors are available upon request. The studio has an array of high-end amenities, including showers, a purified water refilling station and coded lockers. Complimentary products from Aesop are offered in changing and showering areas along with blow-dryers, straighteners, foam ear plugs and hair elastics for those who want to freshen up after their ride.

Describe the community at B/Spoke.

Yes, B/SPOKE is a fitness studio, but it’s also more than that. It’s a personalized lifestyle brand that can help people create positive change in their lives through fitness. Our goal wasn’t just to create an indoor cycling studio, but a welcoming and supportive community where we bring riders from all backgrounds together to unite physically, mentally and spiritually not just during the hour class, but throughout the other 23 hours of the day. The B/SPOKE life helps people create broad, holistic change in their lives using fitness as the catalyst to jumpstart a transformation. When I started cycling and surrounded myself with like-minded people, I realized that the positive energy is really contagious and that is what we have strived to create at our downtown location and what we will bring to our new studio in Wellesley.

What sets your studio apart from others? 

B/SPOKE caters to both men and women and I think what attracts people to our studio is the brand itself and the approach that we take. It starts from this physical aspect of the studio itself. We approached it with an “industrial Zen” aesthetic you’d fine at your favorite high-end hotel bar or restaurant to create a really interesting, welcoming atmosphere and overall experience that will inspire people and not just churn them in and out for an hour long workout. We’re really excited to expand and open our second studio in Wellesley in early 2017.

What challenges will clients overcome with your classes? 

Catering to cycling enthusiasts of all levels, B/SPOKE instructors lead an invigorating, low impact, full-body workout that physically challenges riders, but also uses fitness as a way to help riders achieve their life goals or overcome adversities. We want B/SPOKE to be a fitness destination that is almost like a form of therapy: a place and class to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow.  

Coolidge Corner Yoga and Sadhana Yoga

What is the biggest benefit of a class at Coolidge Corner or Sadhana Yoga?

The best part about taking class at either of our studios is that it is a very non-competitive environment. Beginners and advanced yogis are welcome and the instructors can tailor the classes to the yogis in the room. When you practice yoga at our studios you will be physically challenged with the yoga postures but also restored with soothing stretches and time for rest/meditation at the end of each class, thus resetting both physically and mentally for the rest of your day.

What do clients need to know before trying a class?

Come to class with an open mind! It’s not always easy to try something new or to get out of your comfort zone, but it can certainly be fun and inspiring if you can let go of expectations. Oh, and be sure to introduce yourself to the instructor before class letting them know a little bit about you so that they can provide the guidance you need as a new student. Do bring a yoga mat and a refillable water bottle with you. Yoga mats are also available for rent, if needed. Classes are typically heated to roughly 80 degrees.

Part of our mission is to ensure that all yogis, from beginners to advanced, feel welcome and challenged. We have a variety of classes that appeal to different levels and personalities. If you’re wondering what the best fit for you is, we encourage you to get in touch and we can point you in the right direction in terms of instructor and style. The best way to start is to do our 30 day intro package for $30, and you can try different classes, instructors and see which resonate with you best.

Describe the community at Coolidge Corner/Sadhana Yoga

Our company was founded on the premise of community. We live in Brookline, right in CCY’s neighborhood, and have worked hard to establish both studios as open, welcoming spaces for everyone. We have yogis from all walks of life and particularly appeal to the parent subset thanks to our friendly atmosphere and big kids and family yoga program. Most of all, we are tied into the community at large and really focus on making the space an oasis from busy lives.

What sets your studio apart from others?

We had a vision for the studios to be places of gathering and community, a place that feels like a second home both to students and the instructors. At Sadhana and CCY we operate with the intention to treat everyone with kindness and understanding so that they can feel at ease in their place of practice. The result has been powerful, our communities are strong and filled with love! 

We also donate a substantial percentage of our profit each year back to charities and nonprofits and often involve our community in those decisions. We strive to be free of the intimidation or cliquey factor in the studio and make it feel open and welcome to first-timers and beginners. When you walk in to the space you will definitely feel welcomed and accepted.

What challenges will clients overcome with your classes?

One of the most compelling aspects of yoga is how personal and unique each practitioner’s journey can be. Clients come to yoga with an array of challenges from chronic pain to anxiety and stress, in fact most people step on the mat because they are facing an obstacle off the mat! The beauty of yoga is that it unifies the body and mind allowing students to approach and overcome life’s obstacles in a totally new way whether they be physical or nonphysical.  The beauty of yoga is that it is also a life long practice – so you get to witness yourself change and evolve month by month, year by year and it is a wonderful journey and experience to have this practice as a witness or mirror to your life off the mat.

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