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Just Another Birth Story | Boston Moms Blog

Just Another Birth Story

Neither of my birth stories is super interesting. I mean, the part where they handed a rope to my husband and had us play tug-of-war was sort of unique. Feet in stirrups, lady business hanging out for all to see, and the nurse wanted us to play tug-of-war? Two hours in to what was ultimately four […]

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I Was in Early Labor for 5 Weeks (READ)

I Was in Early Labor for 5 Weeks

At 35 and 36 weeks pregnant I ended up in the hospital’s labor and delivery unit with chronic pelvic pain, back pain, exhaustion, and a pain that felt like severe menstrual cramps. Both times, I was hooked up to a monitor, saw (and felt) a few legitimate contractions, and was sent home after being told this […]

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Portrait of happy loving mother and her baby outdoors

How Motherhood Helped Me Find My Courage

There are moments in your childhood that you hold on to, however insignificant they seem at the time. One of those moments happened at a restaurant with my mom when I was 7 or 8. The overall experience was awful. Bad service and wrong orders were followed by the inevitable whining and pushing food around […]

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How I Became a Mother :: Or, That Time I Almost Gave Birth in a Starbucks

Mother’s Day is on May 8 this year, and the upcoming holiday has us all reminiscing about the various ways we became mothers. Here is one such birth story. Last September, I gave birth to my second child in an incredibly easy fashion. Once contractions started, we calmly made our way to Newton-Wellesley, where I labored […]

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Don't Take Away Our Nurseries - Boston Moms Blog

Don’t Take Away Our Nurseries

I have given birth at two different Boston-area hospitals, and both experiences came with a myriad of choices made by me, my husband, and our care teams. One thing I never had to worry about was the availability of a nursery. I distinctly remember touring both hospitals and having the nurseries pointed out to us as part […]

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boston moms blog parenting perspectives: ode to the midwife

Parenting Perspectives: An Ode to My Midwife

Motherhood comes with a host of choices about what is best for you, your family, and your children. We at Boston Moms Blog are a diverse group of moms who want to embrace these choices instead of feeling guilty or judged for them! We are starting our “Parenting Perspectives” series with a look at the […]

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boston moms blog parenting perspectives: minimal intervention

Parenting Perspectives: Choosing Minimal Interventions During Childbirth

Whenever I’m asked about my son’s birth, I preface the story with, “I’m crazy, but…” It’s as if I want to soften the blow of what I did that day. I was to be induced, with Cytotec and Pitocin, and I didn’t get an epidural. Pitocin-induced contractions are significantly more intense than drug-free ones. To […]

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