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mom brain - Boston Moms Blog

Mom Brain — It’s So Real

My husband and I were driving home from brunch with friends on a gorgeous, sunny day while two children wailed in the backseat. The house, the final destination, was in view. And then, in the rearview mirror: blue lights flashing.  My husband pulled the car over, on our block, and rolled down his window. Of course, our […]

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tongue tie — Boston Moms Blog

Tongue Tied?

“Your baby has a tongue tie.” There was a silence in the hospital room as I stared blankly at the pediatrician. After an overnight labor and delivery at 6:29 a.m., I wasn’t sure I had heard correctly. “A what?” I asked. A tongue tie, she explained to me, is when the frenulum (the membrane that […]

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a short guide to raising good kids - Boston Moms Blog

BMB Book Review :: A Short Guide to Raising Good Kids

A copy of this book was provided for our honest, un-biased review.“A Short Guide to Raising Good Kids,” is, yes, another parenting book. Hold the eye rolls, please. Susan Purser, the author, is a Massachusetts mom, and I found her book to be chock-full of good ideas.  Susan’s relationship with her mother, and the discussions they […]

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Father's Day - Boston Moms Blog

For the Dad Who Has Everything

My husband suffers every time a holiday rolls around. I scour the gift guides all over the internet, but my husband isn’t into gadgets or tech. He buys all his own clothes whenever he needs them. Books get downloaded to his Kindle, and I have no idea what he’s reading. The barware I purchased years […]

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things to teach your kids - Boston Moms Blog

8 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They’re 8 (That You Might Otherwise Forget)

Don’t be like me. Don’t wake up in a cold sweat and realize you haven’t introduced your toddler to the swimming pool or taught your 7-year-old to tie her shoes. Now that I have three children and my oldest is in first grade, I’ve learned that these things don’t just happen organically. Kids don’t wake […]

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