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the bully within

The Bully Within

In order to help our children develop into caring, productive members of society, there is a lot on our parenting “to-do” list — teaching kindness and empathy, encouraging autonomy, and modeling industriousness and self-sufficiency, to name a few. The problem and possible solutions of bullying have hit a global nerve recently. They’ve become the focus […]

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Plan Your Weekend September - Boston Moms Blog

Plan Your Weekend :: September 2-5

FridaySaturdaySundayMondayFriday Deutsche Bank Championship - All day (Norton) campfire. festival - All day (Cambridge) Dirtopia - 10:00am - 2:00pm (Acton) Storytime at Curious George - 10:30am - 11:00am (Cambridge) Playdates! - 11:45am - 12:45pm (Boston) Lunch Break on D -  12:00pm - 2:00pm (Boston) First Friday Nights Free! - 4:30pm - 8:30pm (Acton) Summer in the City at Boston Harbor Hotel - 7:00pm [...]
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The Fly in the Sunblock - Boston Moms Blog

The Fly in the Sunblock

I’ve done it, Dear Doctor, I finally did well! I listened and researched and bought what you sell: You said, “Sunscreen in summer’s a definite must, Curbing damage and cancer, and you know, I trust, It can help to stave off all cosmetic disaster. Enforce wearing sunblock, strict as a schoolmaster!” You delivered your spiel […]

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Summer Swim Safety - Boston Moms Blog

Summer Swim Safety

Boston Moms Blog recently shared an article on Facebook that hit home with me. I, too, had a heart-stopping moment with my daughter around water. It happened on one of the last warm-ish days of last autumn. My dad took my then 2-year-old daughter and the dog for a walk. Fifteen minutes or so later, Dad came […]

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Toxic Synovitis :: Scary Name, Scary Symptoms, Common Condition {Guest Post}

For (new) moms like me who aren’t aware of every single diagnosis or disease out there, this post will hopefully help save you the shock, worry, and uncertainty of toxic synovitis. The name alone is scary for sure — and the symptoms can be as well. With all the worries and uncertainties that come with motherhood, […]

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Bad Moms unite! - Boston Moms Blog

Bad Moms Unite!

I was at an art class recently with my two kids. A little girl in the class hit her forehead on the corner of a bookcase, and within seconds a huge goose egg formed. Amidst lots of crying, the teacher asked the mom whether she should take her daughter to the hospital, just to be safe. I didn’t […]

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