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kids clothes at the flea market

Back to School Shopping :: 5 Boston-Area Kid Thrifting Spots

Kids grow out of everything so quickly that seasonal shopping can be demoralizing. Short of producing more offspring purely so the clothes you bought your first kid are an investment paying off in hand-me-downs, what’s a parent to do? THRIFT, that’s what! I know, I know — when it comes to our precious snowflakes, we give them only the […]

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The Fly in the Sunblock - Boston Moms Blog

The Fly in the Sunblock

I’ve done it, Dear Doctor, I finally did well! I listened and researched and bought what you sell: You said, “Sunscreen in summer’s a definite must, Curbing damage and cancer, and you know, I trust, It can help to stave off all cosmetic disaster. Enforce wearing sunblock, strict as a schoolmaster!” You delivered your spiel […]

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Uploaded ToAwesome Mom Alert :: Charlestown's Charlotte Hamill - Boston Moms Blog

Awesome Mom Alert :: Charlestown’s Charlotte Hamill

In an effort to recognize the amazing moms in the Boston community, we are seeking out some of these extraordinary mothers to hear more about their lives and gather their words of wisdom. Today’s featured mom is Charlotte Hamill. Charlotte lives in Charlestown with her husband, Brian, and their two daughters — a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old. Charlotte […]

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Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret - Boston Moms Blog

Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret

I see you at my daughter’s ballet class. You are just as put together as always, not a hair out of place. I know you have a new baby and a toddler, but you somehow look flawless and rested. Your children are happy and well behaved. I want to dislike you, but you are genuine. […]

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A Year of Breastfeeding

In the beginning (the beginning before the beginning), breastfeeding is a holy thing. A sweet, perfect ideal. We’re talking Madonnas with halos, black and white photography with blurred edges. It is cast in gold with amber glowing light. It’s “best for baby,” don’t you know — 90% of Harvard graduates were breastfed, only 2% of breastfed […]

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