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A Year of Breastfeeding

In the beginning (the beginning before the beginning), breastfeeding is a holy thing. A sweet, perfect ideal. We’re talking Madonnas with halos, black and white photography with blurred edges. It is cast in gold with amber glowing light. It’s “best for baby,” don’t you know — 90% of Harvard graduates were breastfed, only 2% of breastfed […]

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My Body, My Frenemy - Boston Moms Blog

My Body, My Frenemy

Up until the part where I almost died, it was a normal Friday. We had school and work. We ate pizza for dinner, as one does on a Friday. Then at 1:30 a.m., the baby began coughing in the room next to ours, and I was awake. And then realized something. My belly hurt. It wasn’t […]

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Plan Your Weekend February - Boston Moms Blog

Plan Your Weekend — February 19-21

FRIDAY BLUE MAN GROUP FUN FAMILY EXTRAS FOR FEB VACATION WEEK – Various Times (Boston) February Vacation Adventure Days – Various Times (Topsfield) Mary Poppins at the Wheelock Family Theatre – Various Times (Boston) 21st Annual Bugs Bunny Film Festival – Various Times (Cambridge) Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic – Various Times (Boston) From STEM to Stern – […]

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Royal Treatment or Prisoner?

My husband and I recently moved to Boston from China. With me being pregnant, it was quite a struggle to persuade my mum that pregnant women in Boston receive regular checkups before delivery and that doctors will try their best to save my life if they ever need to. Don’t laugh — pregnant women are a […]

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Sorry First Child, I Don't Love you As Much - Boston Moms Blog

Sorry, First Child, I Don’t Love You As Much

Everyone said, “Having two is hard, but when your second is born you’ll love them both more than you ever imagined you could.” For me, it just wasn’t true. When my second daughter was born, I was smitten. It was the love they had always talked about. With my first, I had third-degree tears, constipation, […]

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