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Where Did This Yeller Come From?

One morning, I completely lost it with my 15-month-old. He had decided to play my least favorite game — he pointed at every piece of food in the kitchen, trying to tell me what he wanted to eat. Then he refused nearly everything. I offered him 57 different things before he finally agreed upon Cheerios. […]

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10 Reasons Why 2017 Is Not the New Year of the “New Me”

The question that makes me cringe every year — “So what’s your New Year’s resolution?” — annoys me so much more now that I have a kid. I’m a mother of a toddler, so some days, maybe most days, I’m just trying to keep my kid fed and un-injured while not completely neglecting my own basic needs. […]

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10 Birthday Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Now that my daughter is in preschool and has started to make new friends, the birthday party invites have started pouring in. I loved birthday parties as a kid, and I’m thrilled for her to start experiencing them, but the dilemma is: What to do for all the gifts? Many times I don’t know the parents or child […]

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Disney Princesses Are the Worst

Disney Princesses Are the Worst

Despite being a woman, I’m not a very good feminist. I never gave much thought to what makes a feminist. But then I had my first daughter, and I noticed I was becoming more aware (and supportive!) of movements like equal pay, mandatory maternity leave, and proactively protecting women from sexual and domestic violence. I […]

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Why I Don't Wear Yoga Pants in Public (and Neither Should You)

Why I Don’t Wear Yoga Pants in Public (and Neither Should You)

A few weeks ago my fellow blogger Lindsay came across this over-the-top article on what suburban moms should and shouldn’t wear. Lindsay wrote a thoughtful response here on Boston Moms Blog. While I do not believe mothers need to be constantly under a “dress to impress” rule (and the idea of a silk shirt in my rotation is hilarious), I […]

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