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My Daughter Starts Preschool This Fall… and I Can’t Wait!

“Mama, you be the baby and I’ll be the mama.”  “Can I watch something, Mama?” “Mama, will you read to me?” “I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?” When you are the mom of a young child, the same soundtrack of questions plays on repeat. When you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s a never-ending loop. For […]

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preschool dropout - Boston Moms Blog

Preschool Dropout

Recently, my husband and I had to make one of those parenting decisions. You know the ones: You are kept awake at night, questioning all your past and future choices. And you might always wonder if you made the right one. Last year, we loved our parent-run preschool co-op. Our son delighted in going each morning […]

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‘RSVP’ to Stacey Peasley

We have partnered with Stacey Peasley to let you know about this great new CD!Mom confession: I don’t really like listening to children’s music. In general, I find it to be grating and irritating. That’s why I was not only relieved but excited after listening to Stacey Peasley‘s latest CD, “RSVP.” Stacey’s music is different: It’s […]

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