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Self-Care or Self-Comfort?

As someone who spends most of every day parenting solo (including dinner and bedtime five nights a week), I felt drained after the birth of our second son. Suddenly, I had no time to myself. Someone was always awake, always needing something, or always TALKING. And multiple, I’m sure well-meaning, people suggested that I need […]

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We Need to Get Back to Basics With Self-Care

My son sits in his stroller, ensconced in the Polar Bundleme (which I registered for in terror of taking my February baby outside). He’s also wearing his winter jacket, mittens, a hood, and a hat. In my bag there are emergency raisins, super-emergency blueberries, his sippy cup, a couple board books, a change of clothes, diapers, […]

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It’s All About Mom

This week I went around the office asking my co-workers to free associate to the word “mom.” Responses I received included, “hard working,” “tired,” “selfless,” “babies,” “throw up,” “dirty diapers,” “no time,” and “crushed Cheerios everywhere.” Not a single clinician at my psychology practice said phrases like, “is good at dancing,” “goes to book club on Tuesdays,” “has […]

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