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So You’ve Decided to Sleep Train…

So you’ve decided to sleep train. Well done! You made a decision! Hooray for you.  I’m guessing you’ve spent about all of your mental energy on this — you’ve read all about cortisol and how French babies just magically learn how to sleep and about baby whispering; you know everything there is to know about […]

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About Last Night…

I half rolled, half slid out of bed, pushing myself up with my arms so as not to aggravate an already-sore back. I had no idea what time it was. When your 9-month-old infant is still waking up three times a night, you stop checking the clock. And she was awake now. When I got to […]

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parenting perspectives: walter the lovey

Parenting Perspectives: A Lovey Named Walter

Motherhood comes with a host of choices about what is best for you, your family and your children. We at Boston Moms Blog are a diverse group of moms who want to embrace these choices instead of feel guilty or judged for them! Our “Parenting Perspectives” series is currently focused on comfort items. I’m absolutely […]

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No Sleep Till...Funny stuff I did while (1)

No Sleep Till… Funny Stuff I Did While Totally Sleep Deprived

As we count down the weeks until baby number two joins us, my husband and I have been reminiscing about the newborn days. You know, that cute, squishy phase where all they do is eat, sleep, poop, pee, repeat? No toys, no entertainment, no TV shows, no trips to the zoo, park, and lake. We laughed about how […]

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