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Confessions of a Baseball Mom

You see me coming from a mile away. I park my massive monstrosity of a vehicle, and out tumble a myriad of children. Yes, I can read your mind. “How did they all fit in there? Does she have a kid on every team? Is that kid even hers? Is that entire bag full of [...]
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What I Hope They Remember

In my dozen years of parenting, I have found one clichéd statement to ring true. The days are long, but the years are short. I looked at my oldest son the other day and realized exactly how true this statement is. The chub is long gone from his cheeks. His once-tiny hands are now nearly [...]
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My Dad Died on Easter :: Coping With Grief, Even Years Later

I don’t like Easter. There, I said it. I have nothing against egg-laying bunnies, fancy baskets, or the resurrection of Jesus. It’s just that grief is a long, difficult process. Easter brings up many, many memories of my over-the-top, holiday-loving dad. Like that time he put his Styrofoam cup of coffee a little too close […]

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Boston-Area Easter Guide :: Bunnies, Brunches, and Egg Hunts!

The Boston area is hopping with family-friendly Easter activities!  Easter Bunny PicturesCaring BunnyBreakfast with the Easter BunnyEgg HuntsEaster Bunny Pictures Simon Malls Capture a picture with the Easter bunny at Simon Malls, through March 31! You can bypass the line when you register online here! Burlington Mall, Burlington Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis Emerald Square Mall, [...]
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adhd - Boston Moms Blog

My Daughter’s ADHD Journey :: A Surprising Diagnosis

My daughter has always been described using what I believe to be “stereotypical” little girl descriptors. From the moment her infant lips learned to coo, she hasn’t stopped talking. Learning words has only exacerbated this process. She’s just a little chatterbox! As she stared out the window while learning to read, seemingly ignoring the world around […]

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The 7 Stages of Getting the Kids Ready in the Morning

To this point, I have been getting children ready for school for seven years, three months, and a handful of days. That equals out to about 1,400 school mornings. Through this experience, I can confidently affirm that the Kubler-Ross “Stages of Grief” model can be accurately applied to my weekday mornings. Stage one: Shock or […]

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Holiday Activities :: Visit “USA Christmas Town” for the Brockton Holiday Parade!

For 364 days a year, Brockton, Massachusetts, is known as the City of Champions. On the last Saturday in November, though, Brockton transforms into a far more magical place — USA Christmas Town awaits! James Edgar, a Brockton department store owner, was once quoted as saying, “I have never been able to understand why the […]

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