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6 Full-Body Playground Workouts

I don’t know about all you mamas, but my weekends often feel more harried and stressful than my weekdays, despite working a pretty demanding, more-than-full-time job. Laundry, cleaning, play dates, practices, and taking care of the epically long list of things that don’t get done on weekdays has me so beat that I’m frequently counting […]

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my kids arent my whole world

My Kids Aren’t My Whole World

We all love our kids. Children bring us extremes of emotion — joys and sorrows — like we’ve never known before. Our hearts swell, and we become completely enrapt with these little gifts. I’m the first to admit, I probably over-indulge my kids on occasion just because I want them to know how loved they […]

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Dare Your Kids to Fail

No parent likes to see her kid fail. I consider myself a calculated risk taker. And yet, when I became a mom, the worrier blossomed in me. When my son was born, I felt like my heart sprouted two legs and started walking (or rather, crawling) around outside of my body. There he was, living in the outside world, and I could […]

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