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10 Birthday Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Now that my daughter is in preschool and has started to make new friends, the birthday party invites have started pouring in. I loved birthday parties as a kid, and I’m thrilled for her to start experiencing them, but the dilemma is: What to do for all the gifts? Many times I don’t know the parents or child […]

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Young mother in home office with computer and her daugher

The Mompreneur Movement

If you can’t scroll through your newsfeed without seeing your mom friends’ workout selfies, skin care before and afters, leggings, nail wraps, tote bags, cleaning products, and essential oils, you are not alone. You are friends with a new breed of modern day mompreneurs — a trend that is exploding all over social media. Network marketing, […]

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Stress-Free Summer Crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Stress-Free Summer Crafts

Summer means a LOT of free time with the kids at home. If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of your child using some of that crazy summer energy to get creative while they’re on a break from school (especially on those inevitable rainy days). The biggest crafting challenge for me, however, is the stress of planning […]

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Portrait of happy loving mother and her baby outdoors

How Motherhood Helped Me Find My Courage

There are moments in your childhood that you hold on to, however insignificant they seem at the time. One of those moments happened at a restaurant with my mom when I was 7 or 8. The overall experience was awful. Bad service and wrong orders were followed by the inevitable whining and pushing food around […]

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Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret - Boston Moms Blog

Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret

I see you at my daughter’s ballet class. You are just as put together as always, not a hair out of place. I know you have a new baby and a toddler, but you somehow look flawless and rested. Your children are happy and well behaved. I want to dislike you, but you are genuine. […]

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