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holiday road trip - Boston Moms Blog

Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips

My husband is a pretty simple man. Every year for Christmas he asks for one thing — to not travel over the holidays. Well, here’s my bad wife confession: He has never gotten his Christmas wish. Instead, every December we load up our children, gifts, and luggage and trek down to North Carolina. We used […]

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Protein-Packed Breakfasts

A short list of things my son has done when overtaken by hunger: Tried to ride his bike into a parking lot to escape me Scream that he’s starving while simultaneously screaming he absolutely, 100% does NOT want to go home to eat Lay on the ground and refuse to move Pretend to eat his […]

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mom retreat - Boston Moms Blog

DIY Mom Retreat

September means fresh starts, new routines, and back to school (even though I don’t have school-aged children yet). I love summer and the lazy, relaxed days filled with too much sunshine, too much ice cream, and not a lot of structure. But by the end of July each year, I’m yearning for a bit of […]

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library - bpl childrens room - Boston Moms Blog

Unexpected Boston-Area Library Perks

I’m a public library super fan — there’s no denying it. As I’ve written before, one of the things I prioritize as a mother is reading to my children, but also reading for my personal pleasure. We are frequent visitors at our local library — there’s a train table and a weekly Lego club, and the interlibrary […]

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Self-Care or Self-Comfort?

As someone who spends most of every day parenting solo (including dinner and bedtime five nights a week), I felt drained after the birth of our second son. Suddenly, I had no time to myself. Someone was always awake, always needing something, or always TALKING. And multiple, I’m sure well-meaning, people suggested that I need […]

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Best Podcasts for Kids

Finally! It’s summer! Here’s to long days at the playground, ice cream treats just because, and the great family road trip exploring New England. We try to limit our screen usage, and while I mostly love the time together as a family playing car bingo, singing, and stopping at new-to-us parks, of course we all […]

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mom brain - Boston Moms Blog

Mom Brain — It’s So Real

My husband and I were driving home from brunch with friends on a gorgeous, sunny day while two children wailed in the backseat. The house, the final destination, was in view. And then, in the rearview mirror: blue lights flashing.  My husband pulled the car over, on our block, and rolled down his window. Of course, our […]

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