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family traditions - Boston Moms Blog

Crafting a Family Culture

Last fall, our older son turned 3 and really started getting excited about holidays, birthdays, and traditions. Our second son was also born, which solidified our existence as a family unit, and I realized that their relationship as brothers will (probably) be the longest relationship in either of their lives. I was suddenly obsessed with crafting our […]

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preschool dropout - Boston Moms Blog

Preschool Dropout

Recently, my husband and I had to make one of those parenting decisions. You know the ones: You are kept awake at night, questioning all your past and future choices. And you might always wonder if you made the right one. Last year, we loved our parent-run preschool co-op. Our son delighted in going each morning […]

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Boston's Best Bagels, Boston Moms Blog

Boston’s Best Bagels

Bagels are, quite possibly, my favorite food. Moving from NYC, I was so nervous that I was entering a bagel desert here in Massachusetts. And while there are lots of tasteless, gooey, mediocre bagels around (let’s be honest — there are in NYC too), it IS possible to find a great chewy, crusty, flavorful bagel […]

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Finding Time to Read… as a Mom

“Little Blue Truck.” “Dear Zoo.” “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.” “Moo, Baa, La, La, La.” My guess is you have no trouble finding time to read these books. If your house is like ours, a small person is constantly clamoring to crawl into your lap and read another book. Every night my son begs for just […]

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husband and wife arguing on couch

The Great Name Debate

You know those couples interviewed in design magazines who are always praising each other for their “excellent aesthetic” and “good eye”? Yeah, that is SO not my husband and me. We’ve argued over almost every piece of furniture we’ve ever brought into our house, and we’re still in a standoff (going on six months now) about […]

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In DefenseofPokemon Go

In Defense of Pokémon Go

I’ll start with a confession. We’re a couple weeks into this Pokémon Go craze, and I know next to nothing about it. Has my husband tried to explain it? Sure. Have my eyes glazed over 30 seconds into the explanation each time? You betcha. (If you have a heartier attention span than I do, this is, […]

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