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tongue tie — Boston Moms Blog

Tongue Tied?

“Your baby has a tongue tie.” There was a silence in the hospital room as I stared blankly at the pediatrician. After an overnight labor and delivery at 6:29 a.m., I wasn’t sure I had heard correctly. “A what?” I asked. A tongue tie, she explained to me, is when the frenulum (the membrane that […]

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Father's Day - Boston Moms Blog

For the Dad Who Has Everything

My husband suffers every time a holiday rolls around. I scour the gift guides all over the internet, but my husband isn’t into gadgets or tech. He buys all his own clothes whenever he needs them. Books get downloaded to his Kindle, and I have no idea what he’s reading. The barware I purchased years […]

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donating breastmilk - Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast - Boston Moms Blog

I Donated Breastmilk

At the end of March, my baby daughter caught that horrible cold that was going around. She had a fever and was so full of snot she could barely breathe through her nose. Nursing was tough for her, and she would stop after just a few minutes. My breasts felt full almost constantly, and in […]

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