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Our primary goal in creating Boston Moms Blog was to bring mothers together in meaningful and lasting community. For the last few years, we — along with so many of you — have connected online around stories of local moms, and we’ve shared in this space with the purpose of making our mom experience a little less lonely. Today we are expanding that sense of community by providing a new space to connect face-to-face — around playgrounds, open gyms, or a cup of coffee at a local shop. Motherhood is hard work, and having mom friends makes it much easier, and a little less lonely.So many women — new to town, new to motherhood, or both — are looking for mom friends here in the Boston area. Our hope is that our BMB Community and Conversation Group will provide you with an opportunity to make new friends and connections in your own backyard. These groups are yours — have fun, get out, and meet one another! We currently have several neighborhood groups available to join, and we plan to keep adding more. We also have a group meant specifically for working moms, a group for those interested in meal planning, and a group for moms of little ones with allergies.

The basic rules for our Community & Conversation Group are: 

1. Be kind. We do not ask or expect everyone to agree all the time. Motherhood is the easiest thing to have an opinion about but the hardest thing to actually do. There will, however, be no toleration of any inflammatory, derogatory, or bullying talk. We want this to be a safe place for moms to share their stories, including struggles. This includes but is not limited to negative comments, messaging, passive-aggressive criticisms or critiques of other moms either via comments or personal messaging.

2. No personal promoting. We love seeing moms find their passions. Really we do, but this is not the place for personal advertisements. If you would like to advertise with BMB, please contact us at [email protected] There will be one thread a week designated for members to share their favorite local businesses where personal businesses are welcome to be shared. 

3. No buy/sell/trade. There are loads of b/s/t groups on Facebook.  This group is not the place for selling furniture or baby clothes. Rather Community & Conversation is a place to meet other moms and grow friendships.

4. Be safe. Keep safety in mind, and please consider meeting at a public place when meeting someone new for the first time.

It is simple to join! There are no fees, no memberships, and no minimum attendance or participation requirements. When you visit the Boston Moms Blog Community & Conversation Facebook page, you simply click the “Join” tab or input your name into the “Add Members” field and answer the questions to verify you are, in fact, a Boston area mom. Easy peasy. 

We hope this will be an opportunity for you and your kids to make some new friends and connections in our community! In order to stay up-to-date on ALL the connection opportunities Boston Moms Blog offers, make sure to subscribe to receive our blog posts by email, “like” our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram (@bostonmomsblog),  Twitter (@bostonmomsblog), and Pinterest! We look forward to hearing from you!!
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