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Are you looking for a way to make some extra spending money without interrupting your busy schedule? Would you like a chance to get paid just for sharing your opinions on the products and services you and your family use every day? Companies know that the 75 million moms in this country are the decision makers in the family. Moms hold a lot of purchasing power, and these companies want to hear from you!

Being a part of a focus group is not only fast and easy, it’s a way for you to make an impact on everything from the TV shows you watch to the foods you serve your families. If you see a product on the store shelf or a commercial for a political candidate, chances are the final result came about based on the feedback offered in focus groups.


Focus Pointe Global is a national market research company that provides paid in-person focus groups here in Boston! The studies are on a wide variety of topics, including baby products, social issues, taste tests, appliances, beverages, cell phones — just about anything you can think of. Studies will normally take fewer than three hours and pay between $50 and $300, making them perfect for those with work or family commitments who still want to make some quick money.

Mom and child

Signing up for a focus group is pretty easy at Focus Pointe Global, where you can register and fill out details for your profile. The information from your profile will be used to help match you to a study on a topic that’s relevant to you here in Boston.

Young mother holding her newborn child. Mom nursing baby. Woman and new born boy relax in a white bedroom with rocking chair and blue crib. Nursery interior. Mother breast feeding baby. Family at home

Focus Pointe Global has an upcoming study the week of June 27 on the topic of motherhood for new and expecting mothers (yes, this means you). So, if you qualify and are recruited you could earn $175 for two hours of discussing your experiences with motherhood, and who doesn’t love to talk about motherhood?! Another way you can participate in marketing research is online or by phone. Focus Pointe Global conducts webcam focus groups, telephone interviews, online surveys, online communities, and a lot of other methods as well. They even have an online product review program, where you are sent a product to use (and keep!), and you write an objective review on the company’s website.

Whether you are able to participate in marketing research in person at the Boston research facility or by going online, there are a lot of opportunities to make some extra money and have fun while doing so! To sign up for this study check out the link here.

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