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It’s All About Mom

This week I went around the office asking my co-workers to free associate to the word “mom.” Responses I received included, “hard working,” “tired,” “selfless,” “babies,” “throw up,” “dirty diapers,” “no time,” and “crushed Cheerios everywhere.” Not a single clinician at my psychology practice said phrases like, “is good at dancing,” “goes to book club on Tuesdays,” “has […]

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Want to Join the BMB Team?

Are YOU the next Boston Moms Blog contributor? Do you want to write for Boston Moms Blog? We will be adding to our group of regular contributors in the next few weeks, and we’re looking for fresh, local voices to join our team! This is a volunteer position (with some fun perks!). Here’s the deal: What […]

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Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret - Boston Moms Blog

Dear Fellow Mother, Please Tell Me Your Secret

I see you at my daughter’s ballet class. You are just as put together as always, not a hair out of place. I know you have a new baby and a toddler, but you somehow look flawless and rested. Your children are happy and well behaved. I want to dislike you, but you are genuine. […]

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April Vacation Week

Boston-Area Vacation Week Events

Spring break for Boston kids is right around the corner! Keep boredom at bay by tackling some of these special vacation week events. Every Day April Vacation at EMK : Rose’s Garden (Boston) Spring Break : Character Week at JamTime (Natick and Maynard) April Vacation Adventure Days (Topsfield) The Wizard of Oz (Boston) The Big […]

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Faster! Improving Transitions with Your Kids

The difficulty kids have with transitions can be incredibly challenging to deal with, not to mention totally exhausting. You’ve tried it all, and it’s not getting easier! Why can’t they just put on their shoes?! However, there are some lesser known, more subtle, tried-and-true methods that help kids navigate through transitions more easily. Let go Kids […]

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CRCF (3)

WOD and Wine {Event Announcement}

Have you ever wanted to try CrossFit but been a little scared? We promise you — there is NOTHING to be afraid of, and we are going to prove it! First of all, what is CrossFit? Simply put, CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. It’s a mix of gymnastics movements, running, rowing, […]

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