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breast cancer awareness month - Boston Moms Blog

I Stopped Nursing My Baby to Start Saving My Own Life

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s good timing, because I have boobs on the brain. Namely, my own boobs. (Although I’m sure yours are quite nice.) Considering their utility alone, my boobs have served me well over the years, and they’ve served my three daughters, who nursed for a combined total of sixty-five […]

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donating breastmilk - Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast - Boston Moms Blog

I Donated Breastmilk

At the end of March, my baby daughter caught that horrible cold that was going around. She had a fever and was so full of snot she could barely breathe through her nose. Nursing was tough for her, and she would stop after just a few minutes. My breasts felt full almost constantly, and in […]

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parenting weeds

Hope for the Weary :: Out of the Parenting Weeds for One Blessed Minute

Most of my parenting life is spent in the weeds. You know them, I’m sure. Probably you’re in them right now. They wrap around you, weaving fatigue and loneliness with joy and delight, boredom and monotony with wonder and love. Because motherhood is nothing but a total duality of emotions. The weeds are reheated coffee […]

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closeup of woman breastfeeding

Baring the Boob :: Tips for Dressing While Nursing

Pregnancy presents many challenges, one of which is getting dressed each day. Dressing a growing baby bump isn’t easy. But the wardrobe challenges don’t end when your baby is born. When you’re nursing, getting dressed means your breasts must be accessible any time, day or night. If you’re uncomfortable with “overexposure,” as I am, you’ll likely have to invest […]

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on being a bridesmaid post kids - Boston Moms Blog

On Being a Bridesmaid Post-Kids

We’re in the midst of one of my favorite times of the year — wedding season. And as someone who absolutely loves attending weddings, I’m beyond excited for three family members and friends who are getting hitched this year! Over the past year of celebrating with engagement parties, showers, bachelorette parties, and the actual weddings themselves, I’ve come […]

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The Birth Bag :: Be Ready for Birth and Beyond {+ GIVEAWAY} - Boston Moms Blog

The Birth Bag :: Be Ready for Birth and Beyond {+ GIVEAWAY}

I’ve had three very different birth experiences. With my first, I was induced since baby was very comfortable in there. With my second, I had a scheduled C-section since she was breech and not willing to turn. For my most recent birth, I had the VBAC I planned for, though everything leading up to going into […]

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