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4 Body-Positive Lessons for Our Daughters

Way before celebrities like Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence were extolling the virtues of body positivity, we sucked it up and dieted. And way before these same actresses bucked the patriarchy by rejecting the trend of systematic societal body shaming, promulgation of an unattainable body ideal, and tying our lovability and/or self-worth to our size, we […]

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Disney Princesses Are the Worst

Disney Princesses Are the Worst

Despite being a woman, I’m not a very good feminist. I never gave much thought to what makes a feminist. But then I had my first daughter, and I noticed I was becoming more aware (and supportive!) of movements like equal pay, mandatory maternity leave, and proactively protecting women from sexual and domestic violence. I […]

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Sam and Annabel Wilson

Mommy Is Chopped Liver!

“Daddy is the best, and Mommy is chopped liver!” Several months ago, I taught my toddler to say this as a joke. At the time, she would alternate between telling my husband he was the best, and then telling me I was the best. One day, my natural response to, “Daddy is the best!” was […]

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Summer Swim Safety - Boston Moms Blog

Summer Swim Safety

Boston Moms Blog recently shared an article on Facebook that hit home with me. I, too, had a heart-stopping moment with my daughter around water. It happened on one of the last warm-ish days of last autumn. My dad took my then 2-year-old daughter and the dog for a walk. Fifteen minutes or so later, Dad came […]

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