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Confessions of a Baseball Mom

You see me coming from a mile away. I park my massive monstrosity of a vehicle, and out tumble a myriad of children. Yes, I can read your mind. “How did they all fit in there? Does she have a kid on every team? Is that kid even hers? Is that entire bag full of [...]
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Sunday Funday - Boston Moms Blog

I Just Want a Sunday Funday… Sans Kids

Before I had kids, “Sunday Funday” wasn’t really a thing. Sure, my friends and I might get together to go shopping or get lunch, but the whole avocado-toast-on-a-sun-drenched-patio-in-some-trendy-neighborhood-while-you-drink-bottomless-mimosas thing didn’t come into play until well after my Sundays became filled with soccer games and meal-planning. And I’ve gotta say… this kind of Sunday sounds Ah. Maze. Ing. […]

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