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A Complicated Delivery

In 2014, I welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world. But I almost didn’t get to see her grow up. After several years of trying, my husband and I were thrilled when I became pregnant. But it wasn’t an easy pregnancy. First there were the many subchorionic hematomas that plagued me. I worried constantly […]

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Infant Mortality Awareness Month :: How Birth Spacing Can Help

A mother’s health is one of the most impactful and most controllable predictors of a baby’s health. The basics of a healthy pregnancy are widely known — eat right, exercise appropriately, and maintain good general health. But there’s one factor that’s often overlooked, yet it can play a significant role in the health of a child: timing. Interconception, […]

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Toxic Synovitis :: Scary Name, Scary Symptoms, Common Condition {Guest Post}

For (new) moms like me who aren’t aware of every single diagnosis or disease out there, this post will hopefully help save you the shock, worry, and uncertainty of toxic synovitis. The name alone is scary for sure — and the symptoms can be as well. With all the worries and uncertainties that come with motherhood, […]

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Dads are Amazing {From a Dad}

“Top 10 Places in New England for Kids” ”The Best Art Projects for Your Little One” “What to Serve Your Toddler for Dinner” These are parenting blog posts we have all read, all of which have some great ideas.  I have noticed something very common throughout them-they are all geared towards Mom. Where is Dad? Is he off the […]

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