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pregnant - Boston Moms Blog

A Letter to Pregnant Me

Dear Pregnant Caitlin, Congratulations. This is it. The moment you’ve been dreaming of for years is finally here. After months of negative tests, happy pregnancy announcements from current and former friends, and one consolation tattoo, it’s your turn. You saw those two lines and couldn’t believe it. From here on out, your brain will go a […]

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adoption - Boston Moms Blog

Considering Adoption? Things You Should Know

Having spent over a decade guiding families through their journey of adopting a child, I know how much information is out there. Even after all these years working as an adoption program director at a private international and domestic adoption agency, I still find myself learning something new every day. If you’re brand new to […]

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wait to find out baby's gender - Boston Moms Blog

Surprise! Why We’re Waiting to Find Out Our Baby’s Gender

I love surprises. I love experiencing surprises, and I love keeping surprises even more. We were astonished in November when we discovered we were expecting our third baby. As my due date is right around the corner, I wanted to share why my husband and I have always keep our babies’ genders a surprise until […]

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foster care - Boston Moms Blog

National Foster Care Month :: An Interview With a Foster Mom

There are 8,700 children in the Massachusetts foster system. That’s 8,700 children without permanent homes. To observe national foster care month, I interviewed my friend who has been a foster mom for three years. I always knew she was a beautiful person, but what came out of this interview touched me even more. How did you become […]

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My Stick-Peeing Obsession, and How I Healed from Infertility :: Part III

My Stick-Peeing Obsession, and How I Healed from Infertility :: Part III

Parts I and II of my infertility story were published previously. It was a snowy January, and I was going through my first evaluation cycle at the fertility clinic to determine the cause of my infertility. At this point we had been trying to conceive for about a year, with three positive pregnancy tests resulting in three […]

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My Stick Peeing Obsession2

My Stick-Peeing Obsession, and How I Healed from Infertility :: Part II

For part I of my infertility story, click here. Let me set the scene for you. I had just finished graduate school, and I was psyched and ready to start my new career as a clinical social worker. I had also recently gotten engaged, so I was planning my upcoming wedding. You would think there was enough to […]

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