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Journey to Parenthood | Arriving Late to the Boston Moms Party

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Becca Shimshak. We too connected through Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Infertility where Becca serves as the Executive Director. She and her husband Steve live in Needham, MA, where they are raising their twin daughters, Isabella Rose and Zoe Ann. This is Becca’s story of becoming a mom later than […]

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black and white circle, parenting = uncertainty

Parenting = Uncertainty

There’s really not much that can prepare you for parenting.  All of the parenting classes, books, and advice in the world can’t really get you ready for the actuality of having your own little infant to care for. Though most of my daughter’s birth is now a blur, I strongly remember talking to the nurse when […]

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pregnant belly-thoughts on becoming an older mom

Thoughts On Becoming An Older Mom

Recently, a friend told me of their experience going to the obstetrician.  These friends, like most couples, were excited, terrified, and bewildered about the pregnancy.  Every couple faced with a pregnancy, planned or unplanned, is nervous.  They go to their OB or midwife for reassurance that the baby will be healthy.  Most people understand there are […]

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unique baby gift ideas

Unique Baby Gift Ideas

  Need a baby gift? Go beyond the boring onesie and try one of these cute, memorable gifts instead! Personalized Baby Block: This adorable all-natural maple block comes personalized with all of baby’s birth info, plus the gift giver’s name. $19.50, available at Little Giraffe baby blanket: Hands down the softest, most cuddly blanket […]

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Best Mom in America

Growing up, my family did everything they could to build my self-esteem. I had have a shoe-box full of purple “participation” ribbons from swim team and summer camp. My uncle instituted the “MVS” award (Most Valuable Silverman), and I won it, for something like 8 years straight. No doubt, I AM a pretty awesome niece, […]

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Baby's First Birthday - Featured

How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday

 Confession: Planning my daughter’s first birthday party rivaled my wedding in both preparation and budget. Looking back, it didn’t have to be this way – but you know what they say about hindsight. In an effort to help you mamas plan memorable celebrations without tearing your hair out, here’s a not-so-simple, but exhaustive list of […]

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