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What I Hope They Remember

In my dozen years of parenting, I have found one clichéd statement to ring true. The days are long, but the years are short. I looked at my oldest son the other day and realized exactly how true this statement is. The chub is long gone from his cheeks. His once-tiny hands are now nearly [...]
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My Dad Died on Easter :: Coping With Grief, Even Years Later

I don’t like Easter. There, I said it. I have nothing against egg-laying bunnies, fancy baskets, or the resurrection of Jesus. It’s just that grief is a long, difficult process. Easter brings up many, many memories of my over-the-top, holiday-loving dad. Like that time he put his Styrofoam cup of coffee a little too close […]

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A Letter to Pregnant Me

Dear Pregnant Caitlin, Congratulations. This is it. The moment you’ve been dreaming of for years is finally here. After months of negative tests, happy pregnancy announcements from current and former friends, and one consolation tattoo, it’s your turn. You saw those two lines and couldn’t believe it. From here on out, your brain will go a […]

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Lost Arts — and Finding Them With Our Kids

My five-year-old received a letter from my grandmother the other day. She opened it, and upon seeing the slanted, looping letters across the notecard, gasped excitedly, “What language is this?” It was English, of course. But it might as well have been Greek. Because kids rarely see old-school cursive handwriting these days. In a jungle […]

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adhd - Boston Moms Blog

My Daughter’s ADHD Journey :: A Surprising Diagnosis

My daughter has always been described using what I believe to be “stereotypical” little girl descriptors. From the moment her infant lips learned to coo, she hasn’t stopped talking. Learning words has only exacerbated this process. She’s just a little chatterbox! As she stared out the window while learning to read, seemingly ignoring the world around […]

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