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when date night goes wrong

When Date Night Goes Wrong

Date nights are like unicorns in our house. Mythical creatures that are said to exist elsewhere. Certainly not in our house. Having always lived away from family, we’ve never known life with a built-in babysitter. And it’s been difficult for us to find someone we can trust with our kids (read: we are control freaks). […]

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raising voices that carry: What to tell our kids about bill cosby

Raising Voices that Carry: What to Tell Our Kids About Bill Cosby

I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m disappointed. I’m mad. This Bill Cosby news is awful. I remember car trips with my parents and brother. We listened to cassette tapes of Bill Cosby’s stand-up comedy. The humor made the car trips more fun. We all found something to relate to in his bits about going to the dentist […]

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Dads are Amazing {From a Dad}

“Top 10 Places in New England for Kids” ”The Best Art Projects for Your Little One” “What to Serve Your Toddler for Dinner” These are parenting blog posts we have all read, all of which have some great ideas.  I have noticed something very common throughout them-they are all geared towards Mom. Where is Dad? Is he off the […]

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