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Think Finding THE HOUSE Is #1? Think Again.

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Why THE TOWN matters most in your suburban search

Buying your first house is a lot like planning your wedding. Chances are, you’ve dreamed about that house for a while — maybe years, even. You’ve researched, you’ve browsed, you’ve been to other people’s homes, you’ve driven through neighborhoods and made mental notes about what you liked and what you couldn’t live with. And now it’s your turn — you’re in the driver’s seat searching for that perfect home for your family. But before you lock eyes with that dream home, there’s one thing you need to do FIRST…


While many city families go house-first, there are countless reasons to flip the script and put finding The Town ahead of finding The Home. And that’s exactly where Suburban Jungle comes in. Their award-winning town-first approach has helped countless New York City families make the leap from urban to suburban — and now, they’re hitting Boston.

So why should you start with a town search? It’s simple, from where Suburban Jungle sits. While, yes, the house you live in is very important, the town that surrounds can make or break your suburban experience. If it’s not a good fit, you’re going to feel it in a big way — and no house can overcome that. Other reasons?

You can change the house — you CAN’T change the town

Hate your bathroom? Call the contractor. Need a fourth bedroom? Add an addition. Want a little color? Tap a painter or roll up your sleeves and dive in. Really, what can’t you do to your house once you’re in? With good bones and a good neighborhood, your only limit is your imagination (and, OK, your wallet).

But the town? That’s not so easy to change. Every town has a pervasive personality that’s driven by the population, the location, and the town’s history. If you don’t quite mesh, you probably aren’t going to — and that can leave even the most easygoing family feeling in the dark.

By focusing on your family’s wants, needs, and interests, you’ll be able to identify towns that sync. For example, maybe you’re an adventure-seeking outdoorsy family who wants access to tons of trails for hiking, biking, and jogging. Maybe you love a laid-back beachy life, close to the water and filled with quiet, lazy afternoons. Maybe you want urban light — a town that’s got at least a few city amenities and more of a hustle-and-bustle vibe. Find that town, and it’s going to be a serious love connection — and, likely, a lifelong one. And that’s a great feeling.

Towns don’t move…

In that vein, don’t forget about your day-to-day needs. The most obvious? The commute. While some people are perfectly happy with a 90-minute train ride to and from the city, others want something quick — or they want to bike, drive, or carpool each day. But don’t forget about things like distance to private schools, country clubs, activities and amenities, sports teams, and other essentials.

Once you’ve cast a wide net for good personality fits, drill down on these needs and identify the communities that align. Again, you can always update or upgrade your house to meet your needs — that home office, expanded garage, or swimming pool, let’s say — but you’ll never be able to move that house closer to work, to hockey practice, or to the private preschool. By starting with the town, you’ll ensure you’re where you need to be — and, from that powerful jumping-off point can find the right house for your family.

Friends, friends, FRIENDS

And then, of course, there’s the friends piece. You’re leaving your life — and your inner circle — in the city, and the faster you develop a great social group the easier the transition will be. That applies to you and your kids — everyone needs a crew!

So many city families cite their home as the place they make memories — and that’s completely true. But, often, those memories are anchored in experiences, occasions, holidays, and get-togethers with your friends and neighbors. Why not cut through the clutter and find a community filled with friend prospects — people in your life stage who share your interests, experiences, and goals? You’ll ease the transition, getting to know your town and the people in it even faster and, hands down, enjoy that dream home even more.

Everything IN the town

While this one is a no-brainer, it definitely needs to be said — there are tons of factors tied to a town that need to be considered before settling on a home. Number one? SCHOOLS. Before you settle on a house, make sure the schools align with your family’s needs. Every parent wants an A+ school, but this conversation goes a lot deeper than that. Do you want a big school with tons of AP classes? A small school with individualized attention? Language immersion? After-school clubs? Early drop off? Busing? Something else? Even if you’re thinking private school you’ll want to go down this path — is the school close enough? Will your kids have classmates nearby?

And then there are the other factors — the nice-to-haves that can really enhance your suburban experience. Maybe you love shopping at the local farmers market now and don’t want to give that up. Or maybe your nanny doesn’t drive, making walkability a real concern. Put it all together and tap your Suburban Jungle Strategist to help you connect the dots.

By coming at it with an eye on the town first, you can find the right suburb for your family — and, from there, dig into the house search. Get your priorities and next steps organized, then GET IN TOUCH with the Suburban Jungle team. Their dedicated Strategists will help you explore communities so you can find the right spot for your family. And the best part? Chances are you’ll still score the dream home. But, with this approach, that dream home will be in the dream town — and that’s a recipe for serious suburban success.

Suburban Jungle is an award-winning firm that specializes in moving families from urban to suburban. The company’s innovative “town first” approach helps buyers find the right suburb for their family based on personality and lifestyle, not just the house. Services are FREE and fully customized to each family and their unique journey. To learn more and to connect with a Suburbs Strategist, and to find the place your family truly fits in, visit and click GET STARTED.

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