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Cook This! It’s Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston means beer, shamrocks, the parade in Southie, and wearing all the green you can find. But probably not for moms with young children! We’ll likely be up to our elbows in green glitter, rainbows, and four-leaf clovers made of pretzels. I like to celebrate my holidays in the kitchen, so I’ve rounded up some St. Patrick’s Day recipes for a grown-up dinner!

Greens and grains

This colcannon recipe is the traditional variety with cabbage and potatoes. But you can amp up the greens and use kale for this version of colcannon.

St. Patrick's Day recipes

Photo by James Ransom

My 3-year-old could devour this skillet Irish soda bread practically singlehandedly, as it combines her two favorite foods — bread and raisins! It is suggested to serve the bread with cheddar and apples, which also would make her top ten list. I guess I know what she’s having for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day recipes - Boston Moms Blog

Photo by Smitten Kitchen


Guinness is probably the most popular Irish export, and consumption peaks on St. Paddy’s Day! Drink it in a glass, or eat it in Guinness beef stew with potatoes. For the non-meat eaters, there’s this vegetarian Guinness stew.

St. Patrick's Day recipes - Boston Moms Blog

Photo by Vicky Wasik, Serious Eats

I love potato cheese soup. So much so that I participated in a contest with some friends in college to see who could eat the most. This Irish ale potato cheddar soup with beer battered leeks is the perfect version for St. Patrick’s Day!


Instead of resorting to food coloring to produce a green dessert, try matcha! This matcha pound cake with almond glaze is an unexpected St. Paddy’s Day dessert, but adults will love it! Kids with adventurous palates will dig these matcha Oreos. For traditionalists, try homemade shamrock shakes or grasshopper brownies.

St. Patrick's Day recipes - Boston Moms Blog

Photo by Molly Yeh

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