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A Gift Guide for the Commuting Mom

Whether you’re in your car for hours every day or take public transportation to and from work, there are small indulgences that can make your commute easier. For mothers, commute time might be one of the only opportunities all day where we get time to ourselves, so why not strive to make the minutes as enjoyable as possible? Why not ask for some of these small indulgences as holiday gifts so you start the New Year with a commute that is a little less stressful?

A coffee mug that really, truly doesn’t spill

The Contigo Mug is an insulated mug that is not just spill proof, it’s leak proof. This is excellent news for all of us who are total klutzes and/or are parents of toddlers who think every cup must be turned upside down. It boasts “one hand drinking” — you press a handily-placed button to open the spout. It keeps your coffee hot for a relatively long period of time, and it’s also great as a water bottle. The Contigo can be found in a variety of sizes via a variety of stores, like Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target.

commuting mom gift ideas - Boston Moms Blog

A bag with straps that won’t let you down

Moms don’t have time to deal with a purse or tote that lacks space or has straps that fray. Now that I bring more work home to best work with daycare schedules, I need a bag that can hold files and notebooks without trouble. I found that the Thirty-One Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote works great as a work bag. The pockets on the bag’s outside are perfect for pens and snacks, and the unstructured interior allows me to fit whatever I need inside. 

commuting mom gift ideas - Boston Moms Blog

A way to keep headphones easily available and untangled

This suggestion is for those moms who, like myself, commute on the MBTA. My train rides may be long, but being able to listen to music and radio on my phone are what makes them bearable. Having a good way to carry and organize my headphones is key. This colorful silicone headphone case offers a quick way to keep headphones untangled and easily organized. Also, its price point and easy availability via Amazon make it a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.

A key chain to tug at your heart strings

I received this engraved Things Remembered locket keychain for my first Mother’s Day, and I treasure it. It’s weighty and sturdy, which helps me not lose my keys. The locket holds one small photo on one side and a mirror on the other (perfect to make sure I don’t have spinach in my teeth after lunch). My job often keeps me away from my son for 11 hours a day, so I like carrying reminders of him with me in any way possible — and this keychain does just that. 


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