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5 Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy

If the dinner’s not done, there’s poo on the floor, or mom needs a shower, who do you call when you need 20 minutes sans children? If you’re like me, Mr. Television is a lifesaver for those too-crazy days. But with the demise of Sesame Street looming on the horizon, where can a mom turn for TV shows that won’t drive her nuts? Because as much as the cartoon needs to entertain and educate the children, it also needs to keep mom from ripping her hair out.

So without further ado, I present to you our top five kid shows that you AND the kids are sure to love:

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 

Where to watch: PBS, Netflix, Amazon
Lowdown: Daniel Tiger is a spin off the classic PBS show “Mr Roger’s Neighborhood,” featuring Daniel, a preschool-age tiger who learns to manage his array of feelings through singing.
Mom factor: Daniel Tiger is a lifesaver when it comes to helping children through big transitions. Through catchy little tunes that WILL get stuck in your head, you and Daniel can help toddlers work through the big feelings of frustration, sadness, excitement, and jealousy. And paramount to my mothering experience, Daniel even helped me potty train my daughter (season 1, episode 10).

2. Sofia the First

Where to watch: Disney Junior, Netflix
Lowdown: Sofia is a regular girl whose mom married the king. Talk about lucky, right? She is kind, can talk to animals, and learns lessons through interactions with her stepsiblings and friends.
Mom factor: Call me infantile, but the plot of “Sofia the First” captures my attention. It’s well written, so I don’t feel like I’m going to lose IQ points just by watching. In fact, there have been a few times where I’m the one saying, “How about one more?” I always make sure to watch the episodes I missed.

3. Wild Kratts

Where to watch: PBS, Netflix, Amazon
Lowdown: “Wild Kratts” is another PBS spin off. Some of you moms might remember “Zoboomafoo” (with the Kratt brothers!) on PBS? Well now they’ve got Chris and Martin voicing their cartoon counterparts. The brothers save the day by using problem-solving skills and the facts they learn about nature.
Mom factor: The mom factor here is definitely the educational value. The plot is interesting, but the facts and tidbits you learn about animals and environments are most useful for overall general knowledge — for us and our kids. It’s perfect for any child ages 2-8.

4. Little Einsteins 

Where to watch: Disney Junior, Netflix
Lowdown: Has your toddler outgrown “Baby Einstein”? Never fear, the Little Einsteins are here! Four kindergarten-age kids travel around in their ship, Rocket, while solving problems through music. Each episode features a snippet of a piece of classical music as well as a piece of art.
Mom Factor: You can rest well knowing your child is getting classical music exposure with every minute they watch. The show is interactive as well, so children learn to tap beats, get louder and softer, and lead music. The tone of this show is a mellow one, and I love how it contributes to a more peaceful home environment.   

5. Puffin Rock

Where to watch: Netflix
Lowdown: A Netflix original, “Puffin Rock” features a little puffling, Oona, and her little brother, Baba, on an island near Ireland. That means Irish accents, adorable little animals, and a beautifully animated landscape. Oona experiences life as an older sister, helping and playing with friends, learning about the environment around her.
Mom Factor: There is not enough space here to list all the great things about “Puffin Rock.” From the moment I heard the theme song, I was sold. The animation is straight from your favorite board book, with wonderful, peaceful soft colors and lines. An entire world exists on this island, “From the sky, to the deep blue ocean, on the beach or meadows,” and we, as privileged viewers, get to experience how wide the world can seem from a child’s eyes. The best part about this show is its multilingual option. Netflix produced this show and recorded each episode in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German! I have yet to find a multilingual show as brilliant as this one. Bravo, Netflix!

What TV shows do your kids like? Have any to add to our list? Comment below!

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2 Responses to 5 Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy

  1. Aurora Krause Chichester November 2, 2015 at 7:23 am #

    Word Girl on PBS is fabulous. Great for learning vocabulary and extremely entertaining for adults
    Word Girl on PBS

  2. Jaime January 28, 2016 at 5:34 am #

    The shows you listed all DO drive me crazy. The ones that don’t: we get down with some “Kung Fu Panda: Legenda of awesomeness” series on Hulu and the “Kung Fu Panda” specials on Netflix. We also watch “Home” and “penguins of Madagascar” on Netflix. They have enough adult jokes to keep me entertained again and again and my son Is totally a Dreamworks baby. He’s not much interested in Disney stuff but loves all things Dreamworks! We also watch “Shrek” a lot on HBO Now and the “Shrek” specials on Netflix.

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