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6 Sweet Mother’s Day Crafts to Make With Your Child

Growing up, I obsessively visited the craft store. I’m talking bi-weekly visits — at least. I’m pretty sure from 1989-1993 I spent about 80% of my hard-earned allowance on beading supplies, puff paint, and ribbon. I was all about crafting and giving handmade gifts.

When I was about 8 years old, I bought my mom a rectangular wooden box that perfectly fit a wide envelope. I painted it a mint green (which I somehow managed to spill all over the brown family room rug and totally freaked out about — though looking back, I’m sure my babysitter freaked out more!), wrote “MOM” in white sequins on the top, and finished it with a floral ribbon accent around the edge.

My mom held on to that box for YEARS. It lived in her bedside table and housed receipts and other random papers. It may not have been the most beautiful thing my mom owned, but because I made it, she treasured it.

I truly believe the best gifts are the ones made from your own hands. Here are six sweet homemade Mother’s Day crafts you and your children can make together.

Easy DIY suncatcher

Mother's Day crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy The Jersey Momma

Make a colorful and easy homemade suncatcher, beautiful enough to brighten any mom’s day! 

Mother’s Day string art craft

Mother's Day crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Turn a plain board into a work of art with just a few nails and some string following this string art craft tutorial

Puzzle pins


Instead of throwing away an old puzzle with lots of missing pieces, turn it into a special homemade puzzle pin.

Glass votive candle holder

Glass votive candle holder DIY craft for Mother's Day - Mother's Day crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy Linkouture

Use those baby food jars and some scraps of tissue paper to make a beautiful glass votive candle holder.

Craft stick flower pots

Mother's Day crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy Typically Simple

Turn an old can into a colorful herb or flower pot with this low-mess craft activity. 

Handprint tulip towels

Mother's Day crafts - Boston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy I Can Teach My Child

Immortalize your children’s adorable handprints with these handprint tulip towels

What’s the best homemade gift you have made or received?


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