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Awesome Mom Alert :: Liz Conrad

In an effort to recognize the amazing moms in the Boston community, we are seeking out some of these extraordinary mothers to hear more about their lives and gather their words of wisdom.

Liz Conrad founded her non-profit organization, Viv’s Give, in honor of her daughter, Vivienne, in 2014. Viv’s Give provides free diapers, formula, and baby food to families in need. Viv’s Give has serviced nearly 400 families! In addition to being Vivienne’s mom and running Viv’s Give, this Scituate mom also works full time at Blue Cross Blue Shield.  

Tell us about your charitable organization, Viv’s Give, and how it came to fruition?

Viv’s Give came into fruition in 2014. My daughter Vivienne was just a little baby, and I had been struggling with the high cost of diapers and formula. I went onto a social media page to see if I could find some deals on diapers and formula, and I saw a mother who had absolutely no income reaching out for these basic high-priced items.

That moment put everything into perspective for me, and I donated Viv’s diapers to this woman who was in much greater need than myself. That moment struck a cord —  there are so many moms and dads and caretakers who simply cannot afford these items. This was the start of Viv’s Give, named after my daughter Vivienne. We started to do some small fundraising for diapers, then we got a little bigger and partnered with WIC, Baystate Community Health, and Health Imperatives, and now we service hundreds of families on an ongoing basis! Over the holidays we surprised 100 families with the gift of donated diapers for one year!

Who do you serve?

We service all families/caregivers who are receiving WIC or some type of state/community support. Our organization supports the South Shore area, Brockton, New Bedford, and the Cape. We are hoping to one day be able to cover the entire southeast region — and then the WHOLE WORLD!

How do you organize to gather donations?

We currently have four drop-off and pick-up locations in Abington, Hingham, Scituate, and Quincy.

Tell us about a favorite moment or family you’ve served?

This is such a feel-good, fun organization with so many great moments. One that comes to mind is when we got a call that a mom was fleeing domestic violence and only left with a bag of clothes — she was wrapping the baby in a towel as a diaper. We brought her a month’s worth of diapers, and she is now one of the families receiving diapers for a whole year!

You also work full time and are a wife and mother. How do you do it?

My family is such a huge part of the organization. My husband, Adam, manages a drop-off location where he works at Mountain One Bank in Scituate Harbor. He has been so very supportive and he shares my same passion. I am not going to lie, though, the struggle of balancing all of it is not easy. But the end result of making a difference in someone’s life is worth it.

Do you have any advice to moms who are interested in getting involved in a charitable organization?

My advice would be to do something you can relate to. You will have greater success and will keep the momentum going if you can relate to what the need is. You will be able to feel the appreciation for what you do, and it will fuel you to keep going!

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