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Back-to-School Must Haves for 2015

boston moms blog back to school must haves 2015

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that summer is nearly over and it’s back-to-school time? Every commercial I see on TV and every store I enter is promoting back-to-school items. Here is a quick, nitty-gritty guide to what Boston Moms Blog readers need for back to school this year!

1. Mabel’s Labels

Let me tell you, these are life changing! There is nothing worse than losing water bottles, items of clothing, or notebooks in the first few weeks of school. Enter Mabel’s Labels. The company was started by a group of moms who were tired of lost children’s items. These labels are laundry, dishwasher, and microwave safe. And I can share from experience, they really are. The labels on my son’s water bottles survived a year of preschool on the farm, and the labels on his winter coat made it through near-daily washes. That is a tall task. I recommend the multi-pack, which includes stickers for shoes, boots, and clothing, tags for bags, etc. These are also great for hand-me-downs — just remove the label and pass it on to the next kid.


2. Crock-Pot

You might be asking, “a Crock-Pot?” Yes, seriously. There is nothing better than prepping dinner in the morning and coming home to a fully cooked meal. I love slow-cooker dinners, especially for the fall in New England. They make for plenty of leftovers and are easy enough for a novice like myself.


3. Mom Calendar

I may be stuck in the dark ages using a paper calendar, but managing four schedules is tough work, and as a visual person I like to see it all in front of me. I still prefer an old-school calendar as opposed to iCalendar or Outlook. My fave is More Time Mom’s Calendar. It comes with handy stickers, like “No School,” “Sports Event,” even a “Mom’s Night Out” for those rare occasions. There is nothing better than going into the school year organized!


4. Durable Backpacks

Kids have to haul loads to school these days, and backpacks aren’t cheap! I love L.L. Bean’s backpacks. They can be monogrammed, they’re weatherproof, they come in plenty of cute prints, and they’re guaranteed to last. Supporting a New England company doesn’t hurt either…

llbean15. Reusable Snack Bags

We are an on-the-go family. We do better when we are very busy. But this means many of our meals, snacks, etc. are eaten on the go, and it kills me to pay extra for food. I try to pack snacks for the day, and I love reusing bags to prevent waste. Lots of companies now make reusable snack and sandwich bags. I love LunchSkins by 3greenmoms. There are tons of cute prints, you can toss one of your Mabel’s Labels on them, and once your kid is done with the snack you can throw the bag in the dishwasher! The company estimates that one LunchSkin replaces 500 plastic bags in its lifetime — crazy!


Grab a few of these must haves before the yellow school bus pulls around the corner!

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