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10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Harder

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“Being a mom is hard,” said nobody ever.

Sometimes my mind is blown by how easy this whole “mothering” thing is. It’s like lying on a beach while some tanned, muscly, handsome man brings me fruity drinks. And the more children I have, the easier it gets! If I had known earlier that being a mom was a piece of cake, I would have brought children into this world as soon as I was physically able! 

I often feel like my life is just not challenging enough with two little girls under 4. So I got to thinking: I really need to start doing more. I’m just totally lazy now that I’m a mom, and I definitely need more things to do. If you are anything like me — a well-rested, put-together, have-it-all Pinterest mom, this list can help you kick your mom-game up another notch (if that is even possible!).

Here we go:

10 things you can do to make your life harder:

1. Wake up three (instead of two) hours earlier than your husband and kids.

2. Decorate for every holiday, even Labor Day, President’s Day, and Tax Day!

3. Always match your outfit to your children’s.

4. Clean the base of the blender.

5. Dust.

6. Repaint the house in a week.

7. Volunteer to watch your neighbor’s kids — for free — on a consistent, daily basis.

8. Learn to speak Navajo, for fun!

9. Grow all the food you eat in your own garden.

10. Make sure your kids are sleeping through the night at 1 month, potty-trained by age 2, reading at 2 and a half, and graduating magna cum laude at Harvard by 21. 

You can do it! When you are a mom and you’ve got all this free time, the possibilities are endless!

Tell us: What do YOU DO to make your life harder???


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