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BMB Book Review :: A Short Guide to Raising Good Kids

A copy of this book was provided for our honest, un-biased review.

a short guide to raising good kids - Boston Moms BlogA Short Guide to Raising Good Kids,” is, yes, another parenting book. Hold the eye rolls, please. Susan Purser, the author, is a Massachusetts mom, and I found her book to be chock-full of good ideas. 

Susan’s relationship with her mother, and the discussions they had while she grew up, spawned the ideas for this book. Her theories of raising kids are based on a desire for fostering creativity, independence, and confidence in children. Harkening back to simpler times, when kids were allowed to take their bikes alone to the community pool, Susan offers advice for the modern mom who wishes she could provide a simpler and stronger childhood for her children.

So what did I think of Susan’s take on the age-old question, “How should children be raised?” I found it insightful. Her examples of “letting go” of the appearance of her house for the sake of her child’s creativity struck me. The advice is not anything new, but its value lies in the reminders it provides. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of parenting, and without an outside opinion, how will we ever make a change? “A Short Guide” gives readers the key to do just that. 

The book addresses the raising of children in all stages of their young lives — from infancy to adolescence. Although based on studies, not all of Susan’s advice will ring true to everyone. If it did, “A Short Guide” would be heaven-sent scripture, not a book. She also does not mince words. You might find yourself cringing or becoming irritated by her examples of poor parenting, but I realized that if I came to this book with an open mind, there was much it could remind me about who I am, who my children are, and what is needed to help mold them into functioning, well-adjusted adults. 

If ever there wasn’t a time for more parenting advice, it would be now. However, Susan Purser’s take on it gives parents a short, no-nonsense guide to aid in the rough melding of children into the modern world.

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