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Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Honors Military Moms

We are excited to partner with Boudreaux's Butt Paste to share this incredible philanthropy with you. We love that they are helping protect tushies while military parents are protecting our country!

Military moms are extraordinary.  

There are those moms who serve our country in the Armed Forces, leaving their children behind while defending our country. There are also moms whose spouses are often deployed for long periods of time, often during a pregnancy. These moms hold it all together while their spouse is abroad and do all the day-to-day tasks that keep a family and house running. All while being a part of the community, taking care of themselves, and supporting their spouses from afar. It’s not easy, especially when there is no family nearby.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, our go-to diaper rash paste, has partnered with Operation Shower to ease the stress of pregnancy while a spouse is deployed by hosting “joyful baby showers for military families across the country.” These showers are a huge celebration of new and expectant moms — and a beautiful way to gift them with everything they could possibly need as they get ready to welcome a new baby (whether it’s their first or their fourth). The moms are given an incredible “baby shower in a box” for starters, then are spoiled throughout the celebration. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Operation Shower recently hosted a shower, sponsored by Boudreaux’s, in Foxborough. The families were “over the moon” happy to be at the shower, being honored and celebrated, and the excitement was contagious. There were women whose husbands were deployed, women who were expecting their first, couples who drove over five hours to be there, and even a new mom with a 6-day-old baby. Boudreaux’s wants to help those parents who are protecting our nation to protect their baby’s bottoms!


Rosie Pope (of “Pregnant in Heels” fame) was the host, and she could not have been more lovely. In speaking with her, I learned so much more about military moms. I never knew how much is on them while a spouse is deployed, and just how hard and isolating it can be to welcome a new baby when the father is abroad. I also learned how financially burdensome it can be to these families to grow their families, and how Boudreaux’s Butt Paste can help ease the burden.

Preventing diaper rash is top on my list of mom concerns, since bad diaper rash is miserable for everyone involved. Diaper rash means less sleep, less eating, and a less-happy baby (and mom). Keeping those tushies safe and rash free is a priority!


In addition to showering these moms, there were shower games and speakers who shared some fabulous resources the moms may not have been aware of. Boudreaux’s hosted a diaper-changing challenge to see who could change the diaper of their mascot, Booty, the fastest. The competition was fierce, and the winner smoked the competition with a nine-second diaper change. Yes, a nine-second diaper change. This three-time mom was blown away!


The sentiments I heard after speaking to so many of the moms was how honored and special they felt. They told me about the loneliness and the worry they feel every day. They told me about raising families thousands of miles from their own families, and of giving birth while their husbands were deployed. Above all, they spoke with such pride of the sacrifices their husbands were making, though I’m not sure they even realize the sacrifices they make, and just how strong they are. They are truly exceptional and deserving of the generosity of all the sponsors, and so much more.

Boudreaux’s will be taking their dedication to the military one step further with a great social media initiative. From now until September 17, use the hashtag #ButtPasteSalutesOffers and share a picture of your military family. Everyone who enters will be eligible to win a full-size sample of the Boudreaux’s brand popular Butt Paste tube, along with a special branded item. We can’t wait to see those military cuties!

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