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Class Guide Roundtable

Class Guide and Roundtable

We are so lucky to live in an area where we have endless options for enrichment for our kids.

Our Class Guide is full of so many options for some of the best classes around.  But if you want to know more about some of these great businesses, you’ve found the right place!


gymboree logoWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

A fun, child-centered approach to learning.  At Gymboree we take the “whole child” approach, so each of our programs supports the child’s social, physical and cognitive development. Children learn best through play, and that has been Gymboree’s focus for 40 years.

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

The look of wonder and excitement on their faces when they master a new skill.  Young children learn and develop so quickly, that every day is an adventure!

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children?

Helping the parents and caregivers understand that every child develops at their own pace and that there is no “right” way to approach a Gymboree class.  We believe in following the lead of the child.  We want them to be challenged, but not frustrated, by the class activities.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

By engaging in developmentally-appropriate activities and playing on equipment specifically designed for young children. We always focus on where a child is developmentally, not just how old they are, when determining the best program and class to put a child into. We also follow the child’s lead, allowing them to explore our playscapes and activities at their own pace, while also encouraging them to participate in the teacher-led activities during their class.

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

By recognizing that each child is individual and allowing them the freedom to participate (or not) in class activities in a way that will help spark a life-long love of learning.


galoop_logo_finalWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

Everyone coming to a Galoop class can expect to have lots of fun and to find a supportive community. Galoop’s classes offer the right balance of exploration and structure and provide your child with the ideal environment to learn, create, and have fun. What is unique about Galoop is the chance to find expert support around common parenting and child development questions.

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

I love their curiosity and their honesty. I cherish their different personalities and how each of them participate in class in a unique way. I am amazed when I see them grow and learn from week to week – playing at the sand table today when they would not even get close to it yesterday. And, most of all, I have been part of so many “firsts” in class: first time rolling or sitting up alone, first time crawling or taking steps, first signs or words. Truly amazing every single time!

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children?

I think the most challenging- but also exciting- part is to create connections with each of them. Not two children are the same: they each have their own temperaments and their own way to connect with the world around them. My goal is to create a special connection with every single child in my class: from a timid hello or stare, to sitting on my lap, to hugs and high fives.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

Galoop offers the perfect developmental and Spanish class for your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. In class your child will find the environment he or she needs to learn, have fun, and fulfill their potential. I make sure all of your child’s developmental needs and strengths are met. My goal is that Galoop becomes your child’s second home!

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

The best way is to let young children play and explore freely. At Galoop your child does not “have to” do anything in particular. The toys, sensory materials, and activities planned are developmentally appropriate for the age range of the class and the children are free to navigate them based on their interest on that day.

Learning Express Bedford

le-play-color-square-300What can a parent and child expect from your classes?

Everything from science to dance! We offer a wide array of classes that will help children discover some amazing things. Join us for a Little Composers class and learn about rhythm and tempo. Sign up for a LE Preschool Prep class and help your child get a leg up on phonics and handwriting. If you’re looking for an art class, a mommy and me gym class or even a date night, Learning Express Play has something for you and your family!

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

Seeing children gain confidence, express themselves through imaginative play and succeed in ways even they may not have thought possible makes working in this amazing environment one of the most rewarding professions. They keep us super active and our brains and hearts young. We probably learn more from them than they know.

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children?

Every child learns in a different way and making sure every child is benefiting from the curriculum we design certainly keeps us on our toes.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

Inspiring growth through play is the way we live our lives at Learning Express. We center everything from our structural designs of Downtown Play to our birthday parties showing children that learning is full of fun and can be something that inspires them their whole lives.

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

Play, play, play! When children are participating in stimulating, interactive and engaging activities, their social and cognitive skills, emotional maturity and self confidence shine like never before.


The LINX Companies Logo copyWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

All of our LINX Classes have one goal in mind, enriching children’s lives through fun and excitement. One core belief is that children learn more and engage more often in a fun based environment.  Each of our instructors are professional with years of experience. When you add that to our state of the art facilities, including sprung studio floors, children have an exciting weekly class. Parents enjoy the flexibility of our scheduling, additional time for drop off and pick up, cameras inside each room to observe their child, and constant communication from their child’s teacher on progress.

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

The best part about teaching young children is seeing their excitement in learning, sharing our knowledge and passions and seeing their development over the course of the year. Through communication, friendships, and performances on stage it is always exciting to see their passions come to life.

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children?

The most challenging part about teaching young children is getting more time in the day. Everyone’s schedules are so busy with school and homework and sports, and there isn’t a lot of time left in the day for kids to pursue some of their passions. We’ve recognized the need for more time and added many new weekend classes. Parents are happy to see this flexibility. A fun thing about LINX is that we have members from many surrounding towns. Because of this we see children open up to new friends, which can be challenging at first as many of the classes are audition based and for some this is the first time they will participate in something for themselves and their accomplishments, rather than registering for something with a friend. It is nice to see the kids branch out for themselves and their interests and make new friends.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

Children grow and benefit from LINX classes in so many ways. To name a few, kids learn stage projection, new study habits for theater that can crossover to school work, dedication and commitment to weekend rehearsals and weekend dance competitions, the value of teamwork on stage for dance or theater productions, and determination in our martial arts program. We see kids pursuing science education outside of the classroom because of their personal interests. Last but not least, LINX Classes help kids develop and enhance their social skills. From our toddler classes through high school age, this is always one of the most important benefits.

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

The best way to encourage growth in a child is to try new experiences and to try them either with old friends or on their own. Auditioning for things like LINX Theater classes or LINX Dance Team is a great way to teach dedication and persistence. Classes that incorporate a fun based learning atmosphere engage their participation and continued growth.

FMC Ice Center

fmc ice sports logoWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

A parent can expect to watch their child learn to skate in a safe, fun atmosphere. Children will be guided through their experience from learning how to stand up, marching, and their first glides across the ice with games and other activities led by their coaches.

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

They are so enthusiastic and because they’re just learning to skate, we get to shape their experience – hopefully in a way that makes them want to keep learning and that skating becomes a lifelong hobby.

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children?

Making them understand that they’re supposed to fall on the ice when they’re learning. If they fall, it means they’re trying and that’s the most important thing.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

They’re using muscles and reflexes in learning how to skate that maybe they have never used before, which is a great way to aid their physical development. It’s also a social activity, where they’re playing games and making connections with their classmates.

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

Encourage them to not be afraid to fall! Toppling onto the ice and picking yourself back up is a big part of learning to skate and nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed by.

Russian School of Mathematics

russian school of mathematicsWhat is Russian Math?

We believe that mathematics is a crucial tool for developing the mind, and all children are capable of achieving a solid foundation in math if it’s taught correctly. By specifically targeting the edge of a student’s current understanding, we provide mental exercises that challenge the mind in the same way that physical exercise in sports challenges the body.

We introduce algebraic and geometric concepts early, asking our youngest students to become thinkers and analysts and encouraging them to discover solutions and reflect on how they reached that solution. Because of this approach, when our students are confronted with any problem they don’t recognize, they don’t back down. Instead, they consider different ways they might tackle it.

What can a parent and child expect from your classes?

We teach in a classroom setting of about 12 students, as we see that most students learn best when surrounded by peers of a similar age and level. There is a real sense of camaraderie in our classrooms, allowing students to take intellectual risks freely, ask for help when they need it, and form many enduring friendships. Classrooms are full of lively discussion – led by the teacher, as students debate and collaborate to find the best approaches to a given problem or concept.

What’s the best part about teaching young children?

They don’t realize there’s anything to be afraid of! There’s a stigma around math that pervades our society, and by the time they reach middle school – most students view the subject as one they have to fear, or assume they simply aren’t ‘good at it.’ But a young child hasn’t been influenced by society yet, and is naturally curious. It’s the best time to introduce abstract concepts – they’re naturally adept at learning them, and by the time they realize it’s something people find ‘scary,’ they’ve already mastered the knowledge.

Girls are often sent the message that ‘STEM’ isn’t for them, how can we change that for our daughters?

We see that too and nothing bothers us more. RSM was started by two women, most of our curriculum department and teachers are women. All of us share a deep passion for mathematics and have applied the subject to a variety of careers. Many of our parents ask us this question and our response is always the same: role models. Moms – find ways of introducing math into your daily life (there are many online resources for playing math games on the go), show your daughters that you have an interest in the subject and are even intrigued by it! Send the message that having an interest in mathematics doesn’t necessitate becoming a mathematician – math is a tool, and once you’ve mastered it – the doors to any type of career open.

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

We believe mathematical minds can be built, and in order for children to reach their full potential they should be regularly challenged but never overwhelmed. For this reason we have three levels for every grade. Our students achieve mastery of mathematical concepts, develop logic and critical thinking skills, higher self-confidence, and many go on to perform exceptionally well on various national and international mathematics competitions.
Our greatest pride are our alumni. Most students stay with us an average of 6-7 years, and have gone on to attend the top universities in the country, and achieve success in a wide array of careers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the children of our alumni in our classrooms.

The Loved Child

the loved child logoWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

At The Loved Child (TLC) we offer a variety of classes, workshops, and events for families from pregnancy through the teenage years. Our TLC Parent & Play weekly classes are our most popular classes for families from the newborn period through the preschool years. Families love that these fun, supportive, and educational classes focus equally on the development of little ones and their loving caregivers. Families enrolled in Parent & Play classes enjoy and benefit from the predictable and familiar class routine, which includes singing, movement, a developmental group activity, free play, lotion, book and bubble time, and a dedicated parent discussion time. And, to promote early literacy skills, every family receives a copy of the class book to enjoy at home!

What’s the best part about teaching young children and their parents?

As instructors, we feel so fortunate to be part of these children’s early lives as their parents and loving caregivers strive to build a healthy and strong family foundation. We take such pleasure observing the relationships grow not only between the parents but also the children! Parenting is filled with many struggles and celebrations and a job that should not be done alone.

What is the most challenging part about teaching young children and their parents?

As parents ourselves, we empathize completely- most of us want to be told the “right” way to raise happy, healthy, and successful children! At TLC we strongly believe that there isn’t just one way to walk down this parenting road. Rather, we remind ourselves and families enrolled in TLC classes, that every family, parent, and child is unique and deserves individualized care and support.

How will parents grow and benefit from your classes?

A parent is the expert of his or her own child. As instructors (all with masters-level education), our role is to create an environment for parents to share their own personal parenting experiences so they can learn from and support one another. In today’s world, parents are inundated with conflicting parenting advice. At TLC, the foundation of our curriculum is evidence-based information. In preparation for each class, families receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with trusted resources to prepare for the Parent Topic, Developmental Focus, and Take Home Idea. Ultimately, TLC’s goal is to foster and build relationships between families so that parents gain confidence and trust in their own innate parenting instincts.

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn and explore?

At TLC we don’t think there is one best way for children to learn! Rather, we respect each infant, baby, toddler, and preschooler as a unique being. We like to think of children as little scientists- hard at work (play) as they conduct complex experiments. As children explore, they are working on their problem solving skills, figuring out how things are organized, and ultimately working towards abstract thinking. Our objective at TLC is to provide a predictable class routine, with developmentally appropriate and open-ended materials and activities. By creating this environment, each child can play, explore, and build friendships, at his or her own pace.

Groovy Baby Music

groovy baby music logoWhat can a parent and child expect from your classes?

Our programs are jivin’! They are research-based, so parents know it’s the best.  They appreciate the quality materials they receive that help them learn about early-childhood development, and the developmentally-appropriate lessons that help their child learn and grow. But they also have fun, bonding with their child, as they sing, laugh, dance, and jam in an environment where every child is welcome, and parents can connect. Our teachers are rockin’, professional musicians and dedicated educators who play jazz, blues, funk, and world music each class. The take-home materials keep the party going at home too.  So, whether they have a newborn, toddler, or preschooler, parents know GroovyBabyMusic classes are hoppin’ and that the positive effects are long-lasting!

What’s the best part of teaching young children?

Having the benefit of growing up with family-members who played instruments, I know first hand the lasting impression that can have on a child. Every time I see the wonder on a child’s face as they experience the joy of music, I know I have the best job in the world. To witness the special bond between parent/child and to see them finding ways to make music together is truly special. Families tend to continue in the same class from semester to semester, and year to year, so I have the unique opportunity to see the children grow, and to develop relationships with the parents and caregivers. It starts with the newborns, whose face lights up as I sing to them, to the preschoolers, who proudly show me their own “guitar” and even the parent who discovers that they actually  like to sing. Teaching is beyond rewarding; the hugs I get each day is the prize.

What’s the most challenging part about teaching young children?

I am motivated by the fact that every child is unique, and I love finding ways to connect with each of them. Some children are observers in class, and opt to stay on their mama’s lap, whilst others are explorers, and may want to dance in the middle of the circle for the entire class. Both are valid ways to approach learning; each are simply expressing different ways to absorb the musical environment around them. My role as a teacher is to welcome each child’s individuality, and to engage them so that they have an enriching experience at their particular stage of development. Whether it’s Music Together or Canta y Baila Conmigo, I want to ensure that parents feel comfortable and nurtured in the GroovyBabyMusic classroom, and that they have the tools to foster their child’s music and movement development at home too!

How will children grow and benefit from your classes?

Our classes are so much fun it’s easy to forget how beneficial they are! Our research-based methods are tried and true, so parents are assured that every activity is developmentally appropriate and enriching. The early years are when children can most quickly and easily absorb music, movement, and language learning, so providing them with positive early-childhood experiences can have a lasting impact. In addition, our mixed-age classroom supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, while nurturing creativity, self-expression, and confidence. GroovyBabyMusic is learning through play at it’s best!

What is the best way to encourage children to grow, learn, and explore?

At GroovyBabyMusic, we provide a nurturing, enriching environment, where every child feels stimulated and engaged. In our classes, the children take in the diverse music around them, while having opportunities to explore developmentally-appropriate instruments and props at their own pace. They have the positive role-model of their teacher who accompanies class playing an instrument live,  that the child can hear, see, and even touch! Most importantly, children learn most from those with whom they have a bond of attachment, so by encouraging parental and caregivers’ participation, we are creating a wonderful environment for them to learn and grow well-beyond the walls of our classroom! By providing parents with the songbooks, CD’s, DVD’s, and Apps, they receive useful tools to continue music and movement activities at home to further their child’s growth and development. groovy baby music logo

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