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Are You Prepared? Learn CPR and First Aid Skills — On Your Time

Being a parent comes with worry. Worry about everything that is in your control, and worry about everything that is out of your control. Babies and kids are entirely unpredictable, especially when they become mobile. Once they can move, everything is fair game, and everything seems to end up in their mouths. I feel like I am constantly checking to make sure small items aren’t all around for my little one to grab (which is an added challenge with two older kids and all of their toys).

Knowing how to handle a choking situation, or any breathing problem, is crucial with our tiny and unpredictable humans. Things happen quickly, and knowing how to respond to an emergency situation is crucial. But, sadly, my knowledge of CPR was not up to date. Life had gotten busy. That may not be the best excuse, but I’m sure it’s a common one. So instead of searching for a class that fit my schedule and worrying about childcare, I found an option for a CPR class right in my own home! It seemed like a great excuse to round up the Boston Moms Blog team and get educated.

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hands2heart is a Boston-based company run by local mom Julee Armitage. Julee is a physician assistant with over nine years of experience working in critical care, surgery, and oncology. In caring for critically ill patients, Julee regularly utilized CPR skills. After becoming a mother, Julee realized that the level of comfort she felt at home with her newborn was directly related to her knowledge of these life-saving skills. She knew she had to share this knowledge with others.

After talking with other new and expecting parents, it became apparent how difficult it was to find high-quality and convenient training. So Julee became a certified CPR instructor with the Red Cross. She began offering in-home and small-group classes to parents, caregivers, or those who want to learn the skills necessary to help save a life. Being able to learn these life-saving skills in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience and individual pace, provides the best experience to becoming certified in CPR. 

The Boston Moms Blog team came together for a little at-home CPR lesson. It was so nice to be in a comfortable space with the lesson coming right to us! CPR and first aid are a must for parents, but it is just another thing on our never-ending to-do lists. As a mom herself, Julee understands the time constraints parents have, and she got right down to business with her no-nonsense approach. Each of us got a chance to practice what we learned, and we got some “real time” practice with scenarios Julee came up with as we went along. We got everything done in a quick two hours, which was absolutely perfect for our crazy schedules. It was so nice to have a practical moms night out!

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