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Crafting a Family Culture

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Last fall, our older son turned 3 and really started getting excited about holidays, birthdays, and traditions. Our second son was also born, which solidified our existence as a family unit, and I realized that their relationship as brothers will (probably) be the longest relationship in either of their lives.

I was suddenly obsessed with crafting our family culture and setting up traditions. Traditions, as explained by “Psychology Today,” are more than just fun things to do as a family. They shape your family’s bonds, help impart values to your children, and provide a framework for family members to learn how to relate to joy, disappointment, grief, and other humans. While we still haven’t made the time to write a robust family mission statement, we have intentionally chosen more rituals, both large and small, annual and weekly, for our family.

Some of these are large and tied to holidays:

  • Taking a pajama drive to look at Christmas lights in December
  • Riding the T downtown to see the big holiday tree and stopping for hot chocolate on the way home
  • Trick-or-treating
  • Coloring the placecards for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Planting our garden Mother’s Day weekend
  • Helping to bake and frost birthday cakes
  • Making snow ice cream on snowy days

Some are smaller weekly traditions:

  • Taco Tuesday
  • A special Wednesday breakfast
  • Homemade pizza and family movie night on Saturday
  • Sandwich Sunday with board games
  • Lighting candles during dinner

Some traditions aren’t tied to any particular day or time of year, but they are part of our family’s repertoire of regular adventures:

  • Hiking in the Fells
  • Visiting Constitution Beach
  • Waking up early and driving to New Hampshire or Maine for a day of exploring
  • Camping in the summer
  • Sharing a doughnut at the park

I’m always looking to add more traditions to our family. What traditions are part of your family culture?


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One Response to Crafting a Family Culture

  1. Alexandra May 17, 2017 at 9:59 pm #

    So fun! We have lots of fun family traditions and really savor them… fun to see yours! 🙂

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