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Dear Husband, with Gratitude

Dear Husband,

Thanks for cleaning the kitchen every night while we’re all asleep. I know you don’t get enough sleep as a result, but when I come downstairs in the morning and I can see the counter, I feel like I can breathe again.

I’m sorry we’ve trashed it already by the time you see it again.

Thank you for ignoring my nightly pleas to not get the boys all riled up at before bed. The time they spend rolling around, wrestling, and laughing with you is a million times more important than my schedule. (Please note that I reserve the right to deny I ever wrote this and continue to beg you all to please. settle. down.)

I’m sorry for all the new household management systems I impulsively put into place and expect you to learn. I’m just trying to make things run more efficiently around here, but I know how hard annoying it is to try to keep up. Thank you for doing so with patience and without rolling your eyes in front of me.

Thank you for muffins on Thursdays.

I’m sorry you’re basically the only one on the planet not watching “Game of Thrones” because I can’t stomach it. “Modern Family” totally fills the void, right? I know… again… I’m sorry.

Thank you for choosing us nine times out of 10. I know you have invites to go fishing, out for drinks, or other things far more fun than coming home to whining, yelling, chaos, and tears. I’m sorry I don’t insist that you go have fun more often, but in choosing us you keep us afloat. Your presence is everything to those little boys.

And above all, thank you for always, always, always taking care of me. While I give and give and give of myself to so many people, you make sure I don’t burn out by giving of yourself to me. “Sit down. Take a break. I’ll get it. What can I get you?” These words are your refrain. And with them I allow myself to slow down a notch. I allow myself to be nurtured for a moment. And I hope I do the same enough for you. I try, but sometimes I worry your needs get a little lost. I will continue to try.

We’re in the thick of it, and I have a feeling it’s going to get harder before it gets easier. But if it ever for a second seems like I take any of it for granted, please know that I don’t. I know just exactly how special you are and exactly how lucky this family is.

All the love,

Your very grateful wife

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