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You Deserve Better :: Upper Glass Wine

We've partnered with Upper Glass to share this great new company with you. As always, all opinions are our own.

For a long time I thought a good bottle of wine was anything that wasn’t Two Buck Chuck or Manischewitz. It didn’t really matter what it was — I was often drinking for the sake of drinking.

I’m glad to say I’ve grown up quite a bit and have come to a point where I truly enjoy and appreciate a good glass or bottle of wine. Even better is when that wine is served with a meal at one of the many amazing Boston restaurants we are lucky enough to have right in our own backyard. There are some fantastic sommeliers in our area, and their expertise and knowledge can blow your mind.

The Upper Glass wants better for you than the first bottle you see on your way home. Did you know that most regular wine drinkers (at least two bottles per week) spend about $20 per bottle when they feel confident in their selection, but that price drops to $15 when they don’t know what they’re getting? In a rush, most moms will grab the bottle with the familiar label and not really think too much about it, because we’re busy and don’t have time to really “shop” for wine. Upper Glass thinks we deserve better, so they offer an upgrade on the wines we’re used to drinking — for about the same amount of money we would be spending anyway. This helps us discover new, more interesting wines without guessing at random in the wine store (I know I’m not the only one guilty of choosing based on how pretty the label is).

Upper Glass’s expert somms only select bottles that taste like they should cost way more than their $20 price tag. They have partnered with some of the best local restaurants to bring bottles hand picked by local wine experts right to your door. Sommeliers, chefs, and wine directors know exactly what to look for in a wine and have the resources to find some of the best bottles around — and they want to pass this on to us! As busy moms, we deserve more than a cheap bottle of Merlot!

I was fortunate to try the Club Med curation of Mediterranean wines chosen by Bar Mezzana’s Ryan Lotz. The four bottles we enjoyed were the perfect end-of-summer wines, when it’s still warm out but the air is turning cold. Our selections were from Sicily, Basilicata, Corsica, and Greece and were enjoyed with some nice salads and just on their own. Check out these beautiful bottles!

The best part about Upper Glass (beyond getting some top Boston restaurant selections to your door) is the price point. You can choose to join Upper Glass for just $80 a month to take advantage of monthly selections and some other great bonuses (think restaurant gift cards and chances to win fabulous meals). You can also choose to just get the wines without a subscription, and you can cancel or skip a month when you need to!

We can’t wait to see what’s coming up next from Upper Glass! In the meantime, this seems like a great gift idea for pretty much anyone in your life, doesn’t it?

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