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Embracing a Sick Day

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My kids and I had been looking forward to December vacation for weeks. We had plans for Disney on Ice, a trip to Legoland, the movies, and playdates to keep us busy for days. And then we got sick.

The day after Christmas, my 5-year-old son woke with a 103-degree fever, and our plans went out the window. Shortly thereafter, my daughter and I fell ill as well. I was seriously bummed, and so were the kids. How were we going to make it through the week without any of our activities? Looking back on our “sick vacation week” now, though? I wouldn’t change a thing.

The truth is, it forced us to slow down. We didn’t rush to the gym in the morning and then zip to the grocery store before afternoon activities. We laid in our jammies, watched TV, ate toast, and enjoyed being lazy together. It forced my kids to take naps and cuddle on the couch. I enjoyed being needed, not for a ride to soccer but to hold them when their fevers spiked. Instead of playdates with their buddies it was just the three of us enjoying time together. 

It also gave me the opportunity to take some time for myself. I took some much-needed days off from the gym, I read some magazines, and I actually watched movies on the couch with the kids instead of running around cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy my children being ill, but every once in awhile we can all use a reminder to take a break and clear our schedules for a little… life. It was such a relief to not have a packed calendar full of events, and it was amazing how fast it still went by. So the next time your children tell you they aren’t feeling well, take a deep breath and make the most of the day together. 

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