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Foodery :: Healthy, Local Food Delivered to Your Door


This post is sponsored. However, we would not share a business we did not feel was relevant to our readers.

I’ve always been curious about dinner-delivery services — what mom hasn’t? But I’ve never been able to justify making it part of our everyday. Either I thought it was too expensive or perhaps too luxurious? I stay at home with my kids, so I generally have time (more or less) to plan our weekly menu and hit the grocery store. Inevitably, though, there are crazy days when my husband arrives home from work and… oops! I’ve prepared nothing! Our default is to order pizza or sushi and call it a night.

So I decided to test out Foodery Boston, a local business that delivers prepared meals to your home once a week after you order your selection online. If you’ve wondered about trying a service like this and want to know if it’s worth it, read on to see if it’s for you!

1. Was the food good?

YES! I ordered four different meals in an effort to try out as many of the options as possible. The one I thought I’d like the least (veggie meatloaf with sweet potato mash) was delicious.

2. Do you have to cook the food?

For some reason, I was under the impression that Foodery would deliver the ingredients to make the meals (like other similar services out there), but NO! The meals come fully prepared (see photo below) with precise directions on how to reheat and serve. Simple. All you need is a microwave or oven.

This is what it looks like, delivered to your door.

3. Is it expensive?

I chose four meals that were supposedly two portions each. As it turns out, Foodery’s portions are quite generous and fed my family of four for three nights in a row. The total cost — for four meals —was $100. How much do you spend on groceries per week? I spend much more, and the food isn’t already prepared.

4. I only eat organic, antibiotic/hormone-free meat, and 100% GMO free. Also, when I can, I eat local.

Guess what? Check all those boxes off, because Foodery fits the bill! If you want to find out more about their quality standards, check here.

You might be thinking that this is an overly positive review! Isn’t there a downside? Let me think… someone delivers super healthy food, fully prepared, to your door, and at a reasonable price. As a mom, I can say nope — no downside. If I have a busy week and know that I’m going to need help in the food department, I wouldn’t hesitate to order again. It’s healthy, balanced, LOCAL (yay!), and will surely save my sanity.

When Boston Moms Blog readers give Foodery a try, you can save 20% by using code BostonMomsEW2016 (good through June 30).

My daughter was eagerly anticipating the quinoa and shrimp bowl. Served with a ginger orange sauce it was delectable.

My daughter was eagerly anticipating the quinoa and shrimp bowl. Served with a ginger orange sauce, it was delectable.

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