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Guest Post: Creating Mother’s Day Traditions

Let’s add to the list of things you don’t realize until after you’re a Mom.

Mother’s Day is not what you think it will be. You picture yourself sleeping in, using the bathroom alone after a 20 minute shower, coming into your kitchen to find it clean, your breakfast is made, and your kids are waiting for you at the table with quiet smiles.

Has anyone had that yet? Not me!

If you’re lucky enough to have your Mom around, then the day is still kind of her day, right? I can’t imagine not celebrating with my Mom! So you can always pack up the kids to go to brunch in an over crowded restaurant or have everyone over for a meal-which you’ll cook for, by the way. But you can’t leave your Mom out of the picture. What about your Mother-in-law? We won’t go there.

Don’t get me wrong Mother’s Day is awesome in ways I didn’t expect. Last year my then three year old gave me extra hugs and kisses all day and told my husband when we were driving to brunch “Mommy gets to listen to her music because it’s her birthday!” Priceless.

Then there is Father’s Day… Some of our wonderful baby daddies go fishing and golfing… without you and the kids! Do they worry about their Dads? Nope because their dads are probably fishing and golfing with them! Will this strange unbalance change as our little ones grow into bigger ones?

I’m not holding my breath.

Will we want to eat at some stuffy fancy restaurant for brunch when we get older like some of our moms do?

white wine poured into glass: creating mother's day traditions

I say we start a new tradition!

Well, I actually already started a new tradition -Mother’s Day Eve. I was watching a hilarious episode of The Middle (on ABC) about the difference between Mother and Father’s day when I came up with the idea. The main character did everything she wished she did on Mother’s Day on the following Monday. That’s not going to work for most of us so why not a girls’ night the night before? That’s how Mother’s Day Eve was born.

For the past couple of years, my friends and I have gotten dressed up and went someplace nice to celebrate being a mom… without our kids. Sometimes feeling glamorous while showing each other your latest kid pictures and swapping stories makes you feel wonderful!

fish, mango salsa, tomatoes

Please, continue the tradition with your own friends!

Plan a night, make it annual and have a drink for me! Please warn your loved one that you will be sleeping in the next morning …for at least at least an hour or two that is …until you pack up the kidsto go to brunch with your mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

headshot of Angela, Lovin the Oven

Angela Whitford-Downing is the owner and head chef at Lovin’ the Oven personal chef services. You can find out more about what they do at


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