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It’s Too Hard to Let Go! Ideas to Repurpose Sentimental Items

I have a hard time letting go of things. My fellow Boston mom bloggers Lynzi and Alexandra have successfully minimized their “stuff.” I have not succeeded in changing my mindset about the clutter in my life. But I have recently found a few companies that will take some of the items I’ve been holding on to and make them into sentimental pieces to love forever.

Project Repat

This local company — out of Fall River — will accept your special T-shirts and repurpose them into a PolarTec fleece-backed blanket. This is a perfect way to take well-loved sports team shirts, old college pep rally shirts, or sentimental outgrown baby clothes and upcycle them into a snuggly, warm blanket. Not only does this reduce the amount of clothing clutter, but you receive a socially conscious-made quilt in return!

The Patchwork Bear

The Patchwork Bear also makes memory quilts, but their signature products are adorable teddy bears and patchwork pets. They are made entirely from your special clothing! The pets are cuddly, cute, and a conversation piece!


There are oodles of sellers on Etsy that will make your favorite baby onesie into a keepsake bear. I thought this memory bear from ImaginationAcresLLC on Etsy was especially cute, as the artist kept the bunny feet!

The one downside of this type of memory bear, for me, is that they only use one article of clothing. I was hoping to repurpose a few more.

Memory Bears by Trisha

Finally, I came across this touching article about Tricia Shea from Hanover. She takes “articles of clothing that are dear to your heart” and transforms them into memory bears, bunnies, kitties, and pillows. I like the idea that the bear could be made from an article of clothing from a loved one that has passed away.

The companies highlighted here are some of my favorites. Etsy and Pinterest are also great resources to find companies that will upcycle sentimental items into treasured heirloom pieces.

Do you have any favorite ways to repurpose sentimental items? Please share!


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