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Holidays Are Better With Kids

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It’s no surprise that having kids throws wrenches into how you live your life. Sometimes they are wonderful wrenches, though. Here are a few holidays that are so much better now that I have kids. 

New Year’s Eve

With kids, you finally have an excuse to celebrate early and get to bed by 10 p.m. “Oh, sorry, I can’t come to your all-night party, I have kids.” *Hangs up and giddily jumps into bed.*

Valentine’s Day

Kids help turn Valentine’s Day into something about others instead of focusing on ourselves. All my life, I wondered what my boyfriend, and now husband, would be getting for me. This year, I didn’t even care what token of affection I was getting. It’s really about giving those cool holographic cartoon cards to the ones you love!

St. Patrick’s Day

Less about the drinking, and more about green pancakes for breakfast, corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and pinching everyone who is not wearing green. St. Patrick’s Day with kids is a family day event instead of a work-night bar crawl. 

Independence Day

The Fourth of July can be tricky with kids, with the late night and loud fireworks. But living in Boston means Independence Day is more like Independence Week — full of activities for families with kids of all ages. And that means we, as adults, have some extra time to actually think about why we are celebrating in the first place! I’m honored to pass the legacy of this country on to these little ones. 


Um, this one is totally obvious. The children collect the candy from strangers, you sneakily collect the candy from the children. Bingooooo — just found the loophole in being too old to trick-or-treat. Now, where are those Kit Kats?


I love Thanksgiving with my little people. It’s so gratifying to help them make paper turkeys with feathers that say, “I’m most thankful for my mom!” and put them up on the fridge. Teaching kids gratitude is easy and fun around Thanksgiving. 


Nothing beats Christmas with kids! All the magic that was forgotten when you transitioned into adulthood now comes rushing back as the Christmas tree lights sparkle in little, eager eyes to see what special gifts are waiting for them. The energy is contagious, and I am relieved it wasn’t lost forever when I became a cynical teen.

What’s your favorite part about holidays with kids? Do you miss celebrating childlessly?


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