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Mommy Blogger vs. Real-Life Mom :: A Day in the Life

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We’ve all seen those mom blogs that are filled with gorgeous pictures of adorable kids and the beautiful mom who always all looks completely put together and polished. We may even follow them daily and feel like we know them and the fun things they do day after day. But who are they, and how do they always have such perfect lives? Now, I may blog on a moms blog once in a while, but I’m no mommy blogger — at least not in the way that these flawless mommy bloggers are. Let’s see just how much my day differs from theirs:

6:30 a.m.

Mommy Blogger posts a photo to Instagram of her quiet coffee time, with a clever mug and her daily journal, starting her day off on a spiritual note before the kids wake up.

I try waking up earlier and earlier to get a little work done before my son wakes up, but no matter what time I get out of bed he wakes up 10 minutes after me. Clearly, my house is smaller than Mommy Blogger’s, and I make too much noise. And/or her kids don’t come into bed with her at 4 a.m. every morning and then notice as soon as her body heat leaves the bed.

7 a.m.

She’s still enjoying quiet time alone — and she’s probably getting in a quick at-home workout now, too.

My son insists on “helping” me make my coffee, so it takes five full minutes, and then I also have to make him steamed milk from the espresso machine. He’s ready for some breakfast, so I may as well eat, too. So much for my quiet coffee time.

9 a.m.

Mommy Blogger is loading up the stroller to somehow get two kids and her baby bump to a music class, the park, two different cafés, and a playdate all over the city — all without breaking a sweat. (I took my son on the T one time and literally never even tried again.)

I’m sweating trying to rush through getting dressed and putting some makeup on before the babysitter arrives. My son is naked, he won’t let me brush his hair, and he insists on riding his tricycle through the kitchen while I try to throw some lunch together for each of us for later. I forget to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner. And, of course, I get out of the house 20 minutes later than planned.

2 p.m.

Mommy Blogger is still enjoying her playdate with her children and their friends. She happens to be best friends with the other mom, and the two of them have a glass of rosé while the kids play by themselves. 

I get a blurry picture texted from the babysitter of my son at the science museum. At least he’s having a great time on this fall day. I still have about three more hours of work.

6 p.m.

Mommy Blogger is making a healthy and unique meal from Blue Apron. Her counter is somehow spotless even while she cooks, except for the exact ingredients and tools she needs for this meal, and her avocados are always perfectly ripe. And who is taking these pictures? 

I make a pretty good meal too, and my son looks adorable while he eats it. But I spend eight full minutes trying to take a picture of him, and his hand or face is moving in every single one, and the lighting’s too dim anyway. I decide to eat my dinner while it’s still a little warm. 

8 p.m.

Mommy Blogger had such a lovely day, and now that the kids are in bed she’s snuggled up on her couch with her dashing husband, eating ice cream and watching “Orange Is the New Black.” 

My son still won’t fall asleep unless I’m lying with him, and he won’t even begin settling down at 8 p.m. I’m in his room ’til nearly 10 p.m. and hardly make it out without falling asleep myself. I had been thinking about a glass of wine all afternoon, but now I’m too tired to bother. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep halfway through one episode of “Orange Is the New Black,” but my husband ends up putting on two more. Since I can never fall asleep with the TV on, I keep watching in my tired state.

What about you? Does your real-life day ever look like that of a mommy blogger?


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