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Non-Candy Ideas for a Sweet Trick-or-Treat

non-candy ideas for trick-or-treating

My kids are psyched for Halloween, anxiously counting down the days until trick-or-treat time. I’m dreading the job of limiting the candy they eat, and, let’s be honest, I’ll require some personal oversight as well. I love when one of our neighbors offers candy-free “treats” to the kids. If you want to change up the regular sugar routine, here are a few non-candy ideas to pass out at your doorstep this year:

1. Coloring items

Cheap and easy! Print out PDF coloring pages and tie together a few crayons with ribbon, perfect for the younger crowd of trick-or-treaters.

2. Toothbrushes

Yes, I said it. As a child I didn’t love getting toothbrushes from our neighbor dentist, but now, as a parent, I adore it! Throughout the year it is possible to stock up on kid toothbrushes for pennies or even for free with coupons.

3. Pencils and erasers

My children honestly love receiving these in their bags. Halloween-themed pencils and erasers can be pretty cheap when bought in bulk, and if you purchase too many they will still be good next year! 

4. Mini pumpkins with stickers

We recently received this as a birthday party favor, and what a great idea! It kept each child busy for nearly an hour as they created faces and designed their pumpkins with the stickers. Why didn’t I think of that?! 

5. Miscellaneous toys

Bubbles, temporary tattoos, spinning tops, Play-Doh. You name it, kids love it. And these are all easy to buy in bulk online. 

6. Jewelry

Glow necklaces, spider rings, vampire teeth… what would Halloween be without these fun trinkets? 

Another plus with a candy-free Halloween? You are now an allergy-friendly house. Don’t forget to put out the teal pumpkin to let trick-or-treaters know you are a safe spot for them, and you won’t be handing out treats with allergens. 

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